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Concurrent legislative jurisdiction over crimes and offenses under the laws of the state of Iowa is ceded to the United States over and within all lands and waters within the state dedicated to national park purposes. The concurrent jurisdiction ceded...
Tagged topics: federal governmentparks
ARC #7246C
Rulemaking Document (ARC)
The Natural Resource Commission (Commission) hereby proposes to rescind Chapter 14, “Concessions,” Iowa Administrative Code, and to adopt a new chapter with the same title. This rulemaking is proposed under the authority provided in Iowa Code sect...
ARC #7248C
Rulemaking Document (ARC)
The Natural Resource Commission (Commission) hereby proposes to rescind Chapter 13, “Permits and Easements for Construction and Related Activities on Public Lands and Waters,” and adopt a new Chapter 13, “Permits and Easements for Construction and...
ARC #6789C
Rulemaking Document (ARC)
The Natural Resource Commission (Commission) hereby amends Chapter 23, “Wildlife Habitat Promotion with Local Entities Program,” Chapter 27, “Lands and Waters Conservation Fund Program,” Chapter 30, “Waters Cost-Share and Grant Programs,” Chapter ...
HF 561 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
establishing grants for county park improvements, and making appropriations.
SF 35 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
creating a state sales tax rebate to the owner or operator of a newly constructed baseball and softball park project.
Honey creek resort state park is established to provide important recreational and economic benefits to the state. Competitive bid laws, including hearings in connection with contracts, shall not apply to either the department’s or its agents’ contrac...
Tagged topics: honey creek state park
Rules Implementing Statutes:
It is declared to be in the general public welfare of Iowa and a highway purpose that highway maintenance, construction, reconstruction, and repair shall protect and preserve, by not causing unnecessary destruction, the natural or historic heritage of...
Cities, counties, and the department shall to the extent practicable preserve and protect the natural and historic heritage of the state in the design, construction, reconstruction, relocation, repair, or maintenance of roads, streets, or highways. De...
Qualifying projects may be funded as follows: Primary road and state park road projects may be financed entirely by the fund, or by combining money from the fund with money from the primary road fund, federal aid primary funds received by the state, m...