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HF 37 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to reduced fees for camping, use of rental facilities, and other special privileges for certain older Iowans.
SF 132 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
establishing a lake Manawa state park user fee pilot program and providing for a future repeal.
SSB 1164 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to and making appropriations to state departments and agencies from the rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund and the technology reinvestment fund, providing for related matters, and including effective date provisions.
Tagged topics: administrative services departmentagricultural drainage wellsagriculture and land stewardship departmentaircraftairportsappropriationsautismbattleship iowacamp dodgecapital projectscapitol complexchief information officerchildrencolleges and universitiescommunity attraction and tourism program and fundcommunity developmentcomputers and softwarecorrectional facilitiescorrections departmentcriminal investigationscultural affairs departmentcultural attractionsdamsdisabilitieseconomic developmenteconomic development appropriationseconomic development authorityeducationeducation departmentemergency communicationsfairs and fairgroundsfort des moineshealth care facilitieshistorical divisionhomelessnesshuman services departmentimprovementsinformation technologyinfrastructureiowa great places programiowa state universityjudicial branchlakeslaw enforcement academymanagement departmentmilitarymonuments (commemoration)museumsnational guardnatural resourcesnatural resources departmentnonprofit entitiesnursing facilitiesnutrient research centerparkspollutionpublic broadcasting divisionpublic defense departmentpublic health departmentpublic improvementspublic infrastructurepublic safety departmentpublic transportationrailroadsrebuild iowa infrastructure fundrecreationregents boardrenewable energyschool for the deafstate fairstate public defendertechnologytrailstransportationtransportation departmenttreasurer of stateuniversity of iowauniversity of northern iowavertical infrastructureveterans affairs departmentveterans homewaterwater pollutionwater qualitywater utilitieswatershedsworld food prize
SF 452 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
prohibiting the possession, sale, and use of consumer fireworks, providing penalties, and including transition and effective date provisions.
IAC Rule 571.61.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Honey Creek Resort State Park.
Published: 07/08/2015
Tagged topics: honey creek state park
IAC Rule 571.33.40
Iowa Administrative Code
Competitive grants to cities. Eligible projects. Eligible sponsors. Grant ceilings. Review and selection committee. Project selection criteria. Grant application schedule.
Published: 01/16/2008
Tagged topics: city government,  parks
ARC #4226C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Natural Resources Department hereby proposes to adopt new Chapter 16, “State Park and Recreation Area Fees,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rule making is proposed under the authority provided in Iowa Code section 455A.14. This rule making imp...
ARC #4225C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Natural Resource Commission hereby proposes to amend Chapter 61, “State Parks, Recreation Areas, and State Forest Camping,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rule making is proposed under the authority provided in Iowa Code section 455A.5(6)“a.” ...
Cities, counties, and the department shall to the extent practicable preserve and protect the natural and historic heritage of the state in the design, construction, reconstruction, relocation, repair, or maintenance of roads, streets, or highways. De...
It is declared to be in the general public welfare of Iowa and a highway purpose that highway maintenance, construction, reconstruction, and repair shall protect and preserve, by not causing unnecessary destruction, the natural or historic heritage of...