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Each house has authority to punish for contempt, by fine or imprisonment or both, any person who commits any of the following offenses against its authority: Arresting a member, knowing the member to be such, in violation of the member’s privilege, or...
Tagged topics: contempt
Fines and imprisonment for contempt shall be only by virtue of an order of the proper house, entered on its journals, stating the grounds thereof.
Tagged topics: contempt
Fines for contempt shall be collected by a warrant, directed to any proper officer of any county in which the offender has property, and executed in the same manner as executions for fines issued from courts of record, and the proceeds paid into the s...
Tagged topics: contempt
Imprisonment for contempt shall not extend beyond the session at which it is ordered, and shall be in a facility designated by the presiding officer. Punishment for contempt shall not constitute a bar to any other proceeding, civil or criminal, for th...
Tagged topics: contempt
Imprisonment for contempt shall be effected by a warrant, under the hand of the presiding officer, for the time being, of the house ordering it, countersigned by the acting secretary or clerk, in the name of the state, and directed to the sheriff or j...
Tagged topics: contempt
HF 237 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to tampering with witnesses or jurors, and providing penalties.
Tagged topics: feloniesjuriesthreatswitnesses
HF 513 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to education, including requiring instruction related to persons with disabilities in school districts, accredited nonpublic schools, and charter schools in kindergarten through grade eight, modifying the responsibilities of the state board o...
SF 50 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to requirements for filters on mobile devices activated in the state, providing for civil liability for manufacturers of mobile devices for certain violations, and including penalties.
HSB 7 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to criminal charges for domestic abuse assault.
SF 339 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to damages owed by a party at fault in crashes and collisions involving commercial motor vehicles.