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SF 483 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to school personnel training, emergency care planning, authorizations for assisting, and limitations of liability concerning students with epilepsy or a seizure disorder.
SF 272 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
authorizing length of service award programs for volunteer fire fighters, volunteer emergency medical care providers, and reserve peace officers, and making appropriations.
HF 356 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the conduct of elections, including provisions related to absentee ballots, recounts, and contested gubernatorial elections and impeachments, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions.
ARC #7249C
Rulemaking Document (ARC)
The Natural Resource Commission (Commission) hereby proposes to rescind Chapter 1, “Operation of Natural Resource Commission,” Iowa Administrative Code, and to adopt a new chapter with the same title. This rulemaking is proposed under the authorit...
ARC #7224C
Rulemaking Document (ARC)
The Environmental Protection Commission (Commission) hereby proposes to rescind Chapter 26, “Prevention of Air Pollution Emergency Episodes,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rulemaking is proposed under the authority provided in Iowa Code section 4...
SF 289 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
modifying the sales tax holiday by extending the holiday and including emergency preparedness supplies.
SCR 7 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
HSB 94 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to certain deadlines relating to the informal review and protest of property assessments in counties declared to be a disaster area.
IAC Rule 11.63.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Absences due to emergency conditions.
Published: 05/24/2006
Tagged topics: emergency management,  weather
IAC Rule 11.63.14
Iowa Administrative Code
Disaster service volunteer leave.
Published: 05/24/2006
Tagged topics: disasters,  volunteerism