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HSB 44 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the property assessment appeal board by striking the future repeal of provisions relating to the board, modifying procedures and requirements for appeals to the board, and including applicability provisions.
SF 134 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to consumer contract terms.
SSB 1023 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to providing legal assistance to indigent persons in criminal proceedings.
HF 113 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the revocation of driver’s licenses for drug-related criminal convictions, and including effective date provisions.
HF 118 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to public funding and regulatory matters and making, reducing, transferring, and supplementing appropriations for expenditures in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016, and including effective date provisions.
Tagged topics: administration and regulation appropriationsadministrative services departmentaging, department onagriculture and land stewardship departmentagriculture and natural resources appropriationsappropriationsattorney generalbudgetschild carecollege student aid commissioncommunity collegescorrections departmentcultural affairs departmenteconomic development appropriationseconomic development authorityeducation appropriationseducation departmentfamily investment programfederal economic stimulus moneysgeneral assemblygeneral fundgrow iowa values financial assistance program and fundhealth and human services appropriationshealthy and well kids in iowa programhuman rights departmenthuman services departmentindigent defenseinspections and appeals departmentiowa cultural trustiowa public televisioniowa resources enhancement and protection programiowa state universityjudicial branchjustice system appropriationslegislative branchlegislative services agencymanagement departmentmedical assistancemental health institutesnational guardnatural resources departmentombudsmanper diem paymentspublic defense departmentpublic fundspublic health departmentpublic information boardpublic safety departmentregents boardrevenue departmentstate budgetstate public defendersupplementary assistanceuniversity of iowauniversity of northern iowaveterans homeworkforce development department
HF 126 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
requiring a court to consider the statement of a child, who is the subject of a child custody determination, regarding the custody arrangement.
HF 127 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to civil protective orders and dating abuse, creating the criminal offense of dating abuse assault, making related modifications, and providing penalties.
HSB 63 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to forcible entry and detainer actions, including granting concurrent jurisdiction to small claims courts over preliminary hearings for certain forcible entry and detainer actions.
HF 133 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to guardians ad litem, attorneys for minor children, child custody investigators, and child and family reporters involved in child custody and visitation proceedings.
HF 146 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to notice requirements for actions for forcible entry and detainer.