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2016 Iowa Acts
relating to disclosure of ownership and control information for nonprofit corporations under the Medicaid program, and including effective date provisions. Section 22.7, Code 2016, is amended by adding the following new subsection: NEW SUBSECTION ...
Tagged topics:
HF 10 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
directing the department of human services to conduct an analysis of the rates for prevocational services provided under a Medicaid home and community-based services waiver.
HSB 14 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
modifying certain provisions relating to personal information security breach protection.
SF 15 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the collection of employer information from Iowa health and wellness plan applicants and recipients.
SF 16 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the provision of Medicaid coverage to pregnant women lawfully residing in the United States.
SF 17 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the coverage of direct-acting antiviral drugs for Medicaid beneficiaries living with a chronic hepatitis C virus infection.
SSB 1001 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to financial responsibility requirements for liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle.
SSB 1010 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to certain liability insurance policy information required to be given to claimants.
SSB 1020 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the special employment security contingency fund and funding of an insurance fraud bureau special fund, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.
HSB 33 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to residential contractors and repair or services performed on residential real estate covered by property and casualty insurance, and making penalties applicable.