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SSB 1038 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
providing for the conduct of licensed veterinarians when involved in certain legal matters involving the alleged mistreatment of animals, including by providing for immunity from administrative, civil, or criminal liability when acting in good faith; ...
HF 78 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to fees charged to a prisoner in the custody of a county sheriff or municipality for administrative costs, room and board, and medical aid.
Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the state of Iowa tenders to the United States any and all criminal jurisdiction which the state of Iowa has over criminal offenses committed by or against Indians on the Sac and Fox Indian s...
HF 637 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to an application for a reprieve, pardon, commutation of sentence, remission of fines or forfeitures, or restoration of the rights of citizenship made to the board of parole.
SF 209 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the purchasing of a youth deer hunting license and tag.
Prior to debate on the floor of a chamber of the general assembly, a correctional impact statement shall be attached to any bill, joint resolution, or amendment which proposes a change in the law which creates a public offense, significantly changes a...
HSB 7 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to criminal charges for domestic abuse assault.
HSB 55 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to probation, including discharge credits, educational credits, and workforce credits.
ARC #6968C
Rulemaking Document (ARC)
The Parole Board hereby amends Chapter 1, “Organization and General Administration,” Chapter 2, “Agency Procedure for Rule Making,” Chapter 3, “Petitions for Rule Making,” Chapter 4, “Declaratory Orders,” Chapter 5, “Fair Information Practices,” C...
SF 129 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to actions relative to treatment or intervention regarding the discordance between a minor’s sex and gender identity, and providing civil penalties.