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ARC #6145C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Attorney General hereby proposes to adopt new Chapter 38, “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rule making is proposed under the authority provided in Iowa Code section 714.16. This rule making implements, in who...
IAC Rule 605.6.17
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 08/09/2000
Tagged topics: continuances
IAC Rule 605.6.19
Iowa Administrative Code
Intervention. Motion. When filed. Grounds for intervention. Effect of intervention.
Published: 08/09/2000
Tagged topics: intervention
An information or indictment for the following offenses committed on or with a person who is under the age of eighteen years may be commenced at any time after the commission of the offense: Lascivious acts with a child in violation of section 709.8 ...
IAC Rule 441.98.81
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 02/10/2021
Enabling Statutes: 252B
Tagged topics: offset
Chapter 1011 (SF2137)  Ancient real estate conveyances or transactions — filing of extensions
2020 Iowa Acts
relating to filing requirements applicable to extensions of real estate conveyances or transactions under specified circumstances. Section 614.21, subsection 2 , Code 2020, is amended to read as follows: 2. The date of maturity, when different tha...
Chapter 1030 (SF2337)  Asbestos and silica actions — information requirements
2020 Iowa Acts
relating to civil actions involving asbestos and silica, and including applicability provisions. Section 686B.3, subsection 2 , Code 2020, is amended to read as follows: 2. A plaintiff in an asbestos action, including an action alleging a nonmalig...
Chapter 1066 (HF2623)  Gambling regulation — setoffs, use of credit cards, and qualifying sponsoring organizations
2020 Iowa Acts
relating to gambling licensees concerning setoff requirements on certain winnings on wagers, payments by credit card, and qualified sponsoring organizations. Section 99D.28, subsection 1 , Code 2020, is amended to read as follows: 1. A licensee or...
Tagged topics: debtsgamblingoffsetracingstate debtstaxation
Chapter 1064 (HF2565)  Debts owed to public agencies — setoff procedures
2020 Iowa Acts
relating to the setoff procedures used by public agencies and including effective date provisions. Section 8A.323, subsection 5 , Code 2020, is amended to read as follows: 5. Any fine that remains unpaid upon becoming delinquent may be collected b...
Chapter 1070 (SF2338)  Civil actions for medical expenses or COVID-19 related damages
2020 Iowa Acts
relating to civil actions, including recoverable damages for medical expenses, evidence offered to prove past medical expenses, and civil actions related to the novel coronavirus, and including retroactive applicability provisions. EVIDENCE OF MED...