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HF 102 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the maximum gross weight permitted for motor vehicles transporting agricultural commodities.
SF 131 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
reducing the size of certain confinement feeding operations that qualify for exemptions from environmental regulations.
HR 3 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
HF 335 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
establishing a property tax credit for certain private property made available to the public for recreational purposes and including applicability provisions.
SSB 1106 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to pari-mutuel wagering, including horse and dog racing medication requirements and the applicability of certain setoff procedures to advance deposit wagering operators.
HSB 120 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
providing for the department of agriculture and land stewardship’s administration of certain functions, relating to forest and fruit tree reservation requirements, the name of the state soil conservation committee, financing of soil conservation and w...
HF 346 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
requiring the department of natural resources to include additional water quality criteria in the master matrix used to evaluate applications for permits to construct confinement feeding operation structures.
HF 347 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
providing for the display of information regarding the content of biofuel in renewable fuels sold by retail dealers of motor fuel, including advertising and decals affixed to motor fuel pumps, making penalties applicable, and including effective date ...
HSB 121 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the technical administration of the tax laws by the department of revenue, including administration of the research activities credit, income taxes, and the flood mitigation program, and including effective date and retroactive applicabili...
IAC Rule 21.66.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Feeder pig dealer bonding/letter of credit requirement and claims procedures. General requirement. Applicability. Amount of bond. Claims. Procedure. Disputes. Costs of settling disputes.
Published: 12/22/2004
Enabling Statutes: 163.30 , 163.30 , 202C
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