CHAPTER 1023TOWING OF IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRYH.F. 2356AN ACT providing for the towing of certain implements of husbandry in tandem among manufacturers, retail sellers, and farm purchasers.Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:   Section 1.   Section 321.383, subsection 1, Code 2016, is amended to read as follows:   1.  This chapter with respect to equipment on vehicles does not apply to implements of husbandry, road machinery, or bulk spreaders and other fertilizer and chemical equipment defined as special mobile equipment, except as made applicable in this section. However, the movement of implements of husbandry on a roadway is subject to safety rules adopted by the department. The safety rules shall prohibit the movement of any power unit towing more than one implement of husbandry, except implements of husbandry that are not self-propelled and are capable of being towed in tandem, from the manufacturer to the retail seller, from the retail seller to the farm purchaser, or from the manufacturer to the farm purchaser.Approved March 23, 2016