CHAPTER 179COLLECTION OF DELINQUENT DEBTSTransferred to 441—Chapter 10, IAC Supplement 1/24/24 CHAPTER 178 WAIVERS OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESADMINISTRATIVE RULESTransferred to 441—Chapter 6, IAC Supplement 6/28/23 CHAPTER 180HOSPITAL PROTOCOL FOR DONOR REQUESTSRescinded IAB 4/4/90, effective 5/9/90; see 641—51.4(5) to 641—51.4(11)CHAPTER 181ReservedCHAPTER 182ReservedCHAPTER 183ReservedCHAPTER 184ReservedCHAPTER 185ReservedCHAPTER 186GOVERNMENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY COUNCILRescinded ARC 4703C, IAB 10/9/19, effective 11/13/19CHAPTER 187ReservedCHAPTER 188ReservedCHAPTER 189ReservedCHAPTER 190CONSENT FOR THE SALE OF GOODS AND SERVICESRescinded IAB 4/11/07, effective 5/16/07