CHAPTER 3SHERIFF’S UNIFORMS[Appeared as rules 2.200 to 2.209 prior to 6/27/79][Ch 3 as appeared prior to 6/27/79 rescinded with the exception of rule 3.13 renumbered at 7.1 to 7.5][Prior to 4/20/88, see Public Safety Department, [680] Ch 3]661—3.1(17A, 331)  General provisions.  These rules are adopted to designate the color and design of the standard uniform that each Iowa sheriff and deputy sheriff shall wear when in uniform and accessories.  3.1(1)  The specifications of the uniforms and accessories, such as fabric and style, are made available to the department of general services. These details are not reproduced in these rules because some minor details may change due to unavailability of certain materials, but a copy of these specifications is available at the commissioner’s office.  3.1(2)  Persons wanting to enter bids on the sheriffs’ uniforms and accessories should contact the department of general services. The department of general services will provide the specifications for the uniforms and accessories.661—3.2(17A, 331)  Trousers.  The trousers shall be sage green in color, have a one-inch strip of material the same color as the shirts down the outside seam of each pant leg, have seven one-inch belt loops with no cuffs, no watch pocket or billy pockets and no flaps on the rear pockets.661—3.3(17A, 331)  Shirts.  The shirts shall be of two styles, long and short sleeved with two-breasted pockets pleated with three-pointed flags and corners that snap. The shoulder ornaments shall be of the same material and color as the trousers.The short-sleeved shirt shall have a sport collar and no V notch or hemmed cuffs.661—3.4(17A, 331)  Hats.  There shall be four types of hats:Winter hat. The winter hat shall be sage green in color with a swivel strap, three-inch brim and will be worn with a gold metallic acorn cord.Summer hat. The summer hat shall be sage green in color with a swivel strap, three-inch brim, and metal eyelet for a badge.Winter fur hat. The winter fur hat shall be sage green in color with sage green fur trim and have waterproofed quilted lining.Cap. The cap shall be green in color and of ridgeway style.661—3.5(17A, 331)  Ties.  The ties shall be sage green in color and be three and one-half inches at the widest point. The ties shall be of the clip-on style with extra long plastic wings to go under the collar.661—3.6(17A, 331)  Raingear.  Raingear shall consist of a raincoat, rainhats, and rubber footwear.Raincoat. The raincoat shall be forest green in color and be reversible to international orange and have two zipped vents on each side for a weapon.Rainhat. The rainhats shall fit both the summer and winter hat and be made of vinyl film.Rubber footwear. The rubber footwear shall be black in color and be either zipper overshoes or low-cut rubbers.661—3.7(17A, 331)  Shoes and boots.  The shoes and boots shall be black in color, and be plain, round-toed style.661—3.8(17A, 331)  Gloves.  The gloves shall be black capeskin and for winter, lined.661—3.9(17A, 331)  Jackets.  There shall be three types of jackets.Light duty jacket. The color shall be sage green and the jacket shall be waist length with elastic in the waistband. It shall zip up the front and the coat style sleeves shall have no buttons on the cuffs. The shoulder straps shall be of the same material as the jacket and be sewed down.Ike-type dress jacket. The color shall be pink tan to match the shirt and the jacket shall have plain coat sleeves, zip up the front and have zip side vents for a weapon.Reefer-type car jacket. The color shall be sage green and the jacket shall have a permanent liner with inside pockets, be single breasted of midlength, have a two-way zipper down the front, two breast flap pockets, two lower slash pockets, and two zippered side vents, one on each side.The uniform shall also include socks, blazers with slacks to match and a jumpsuit.661—3.10(17A, 331)  Accessories.  Accessories shall consist of shoulder and blazer emblems, safety helmets, badges, whistle and chain, name bar, ID badge case, handcuffs and case, firearms and holsters, tie accessories, chemical mace and holder, nightsticks, rank insignia, equipment belt, reversible style inner belt, baton holder, key strap, cartridge case and clip holder. These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code sections 331.322 and 331.657.