CHAPTER 28TEACH IOWA SCHOLAR PROGRAM283—28.1(261)  Teach Iowa scholar program.  The teach Iowa scholar program is a state-funded and administered benefit for high-achieving Iowans teaching in eligible teaching fields in Iowa.Related ARC(s): 1572C283—28.2(261)  Definitions.  As used in this chapter:
"Commission" means the Iowa college student aid commission.
"Department" means the Iowa department of education.
"Eligible school or agency" means a public school district, area education agency, charter school, and accredited nonpublic school recognized and approved by the department.
"Eligible student loan" means a recipient’s total subsidized, unsubsidized, and consolidated Federal Stafford Loan amount under the Federal Family Education Loan Program, Federal Direct Loan Program, federal Graduate PLUS Loan, or federal Perkins Loan, including principal and interest. Only the outstanding portion of a federal consolidation loan that was used to repay an eligible subsidized or unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan qualifies as an eligible student loan.
"Eligible teaching field" means hard-to-staff subjects as identified by the director of the department. In selecting hard-to-staff subjects, the department shall consider the varying regional needs in the state.
"Preparation program" means the programs of practitioner preparation leading to licensure of teachers, administrators, and other professional school personnel.
"Teacher" means an individual who holds a practitioner’s license or a statement of professional recognition issued under Iowa Code chapter 272 and who is employed in a nonadministrative position by a school district or area education agency pursuant to a contract issued by a board of directors under Iowa Code section 279.13. “Teacher” also includes a preschool teacher who is licensed by the board of educational examiners under Iowa Code chapter 272 and is employed by an eligible school or agency.
Related ARC(s): 1572C283—28.3(261)  Eligibility requirements.  An applicant must:  28.3(1)  Have graduated in the top 25 percent academically of students completing teacher preparation programs, as certified by the postsecondary institution offering the teacher preparation program from which the applicant graduates.  28.3(2)  Be a teacher providing instruction on a full-time basis in an eligible teaching field or in a combination of eligible teaching fields in an eligible school or agency.  28.3(3)  File an application annually on or before the deadline established by the commission to be considered for funding.  28.3(4)  Annually complete and return to the commission an affidavit of practice verifying annual employment in an eligible teaching field.Related ARC(s): 1572C283—28.4(261)  Awarding of funds.    28.4(1)    Selection criteria.  All applicants meeting the eligibility requirements will be considered for funding. In the event that all on-time applicants cannot be funded with the available appropriation, criteria for selection of recipients will be prioritized as follows:  a.  Award renewal status;  b.  Graduation date, grouped by academic year, with the most recent academic year graduates given priority;  c.  Prioritized annual ranking of eligible teaching fields by the department, with the highest ranking fields being served first, if information is available;  d.  Prioritized annual ranking of regional need within eligible teaching fields by the department, with the highest ranking regions being served first within each ranked eligible teaching field, if information is available;  e.  Iowa resident status;  f.  Date of application.  28.4(2)    Maximum award and extent of receipt.    a.  The maximum annual award shall not exceed $4,000.  b.  A recipient may receive up to $20,000 over a five-year period, beginning with the first year of receipt.  c.  Designated applicants teaching hard-to-staff subjects shall not be impacted in subsequent years if the subject is no longer identified by the department as a hard-to-staff subject.  28.4(3)    Disbursement of award.  The maximum annual award will be paid either directly to the teacher or to the teacher’s eligible student loan holder upon successful completion of each annual employment obligation. The commission will annually verify completion of the teacher’s employment obligation with the eligible school or agency prior to payment.Related ARC(s): 1572C, 2209C283—28.5(261)  Award cancellation.    28.5(1)  The teacher must notify the commission within 30 days following termination or change of employment in an eligible teaching field or an eligible school or agency.  28.5(2)  The teacher is responsible for notifying the commission immediately of a change in contact information including, but not limited to, name, telephone number and e-mail address.Related ARC(s): 1572CThese rules are intended to implement Iowa Code section 261.110.
Related ARC(s): 1572C, 2209C