CHAPTER 116TERRACE HILL ENDOWMENT FOR THE MUSICAL ARTS[Prior to 5/31/89, see Historical Division[223] Ch 27][Prior to 2/16/94, see Historical Division[223] Ch 57][Prior to 1/21/04, see 401—Ch 16]11—116.1(8A)  Structure.  The Terrace Hill endowment for the musical arts (THEMA) functions under the Terrace Hill commission with all final authority resting with the commission. A board of not less than seven members called the board of trustees will conduct two piano competitions: a senior competition for high school seniors and a junior competition for students in grades 9 through 11. The board will direct payments from the endowment for scholarships to one or more winners of the senior competition. No endowment money is to be used for awards to winners of the junior competition. The board will be appointed by the commission. Staggered terms of three years will be set by the commission for THEMA trustees. All policies, fund-raising activities and decisions concerning the competition and the scholarships are under the jurisdiction of the trustees, subject to Terrace Hill commission oversight and approval.Related ARC(s): 3262C11—116.2(8A)  Senior competition scholarship established.  The Terrace Hill commission maintains an endowment fund to be used for the purposes of conducting a piano competition and providing scholarships to the winners of the senior piano competition. Participants in the competition must be Iowa high school seniors who will be entering freshmen with a piano major or minor at one of Iowa’s public or private colleges or universities. The scholarship is called “The First Family of Iowa Scholarship from the Terrace Hill Endowment for the Musical Arts.” The first-, second- and third-place participants shall receive one-time scholarships. One-half of each scholarship shall be presented each year for a two-year period. In the event the first-place participant is disqualified or otherwise unable to utilize the scholarship, the judges may choose to award the first-place scholarship to the second- or third-place participant. Such a decision must be accompanied by a written statement in which the judges set out their opinion that the second- or third-place participant has sufficient talent to merit the increased scholarship. The scholarship may be supplemented by other benefits, publicity or opportunities as may be arranged by the commission.All scholarships will be determined by the THEMA board of trustees as set forth in the requirements the board establishes and posts on the THEMA Web site: The scholarships will be paid directly to the colleges or universities attended by the participants.Related ARC(s): 3262C11—116.3(8A)  Application.  Application forms for both competitions are available from the Terrace Hill Commission, 2300 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312, and on the THEMA Web site: Telephone requests may be made by calling the commission at (515)281-7205. The form contains the deadline for submission to the commission in order for a participant to be eligible for the scholarship awarded for that particular school year. Procedures and standards for application and acceptance are set by the THEMA board of trustees.Related ARC(s): 3262C11—116.4(8A)  Funding.  All funds to support and maintain the piano competitions and scholarships have been raised by public and private donations and shall not be used for any other purpose. Funds are deposited into a segregated account with the Terrace Hill partnership, a public charitable foundation organization of which the commission is the sole member. Funds are disbursed as directed by the THEMA board of trustees, subject to commission approval. All proceeds generated from investment interest by the scholarship moneys are themselves deposited into the scholarship account. The treasurer for the THEMA endowment fund is the treasurer for the Terrace Hill partnership.Related ARC(s): 3262C11—116.5(8A)  Selection criteria and judging.  The sole criterion for the scholarships will be the talent of the participants. Representatives of the board of trustees may conduct an initial review of the participants’ applications to narrow the field of participants. The selected participants will perform before a panel of judges, who will select the scholarship winners.  116.5(1)    Selection of judges.  The THEMA board of trustees shall establish a selection committee to choose judges for the competitions. All members of the selection committee shall have a background in piano and piano education. To ensure the competence of the judges, each must be approved by the selection committee as being competent to judge piano talent.   116.5(2)    Competitions.  All rules and procedures for the competitions will be determined by the THEMA board of trustees and will be posted on the THEMA Web site: All participants shall be given at least two weeks’ notice of the date, time, and location of the competitions, and the amount of time available for each participant’s performance. All participants shall perform on a piano furnished by the commission. The judges may impose additional requirements as needed to preserve the order and decorum of the competitions and to ensure that each participant has a fair opportunity to perform.  116.5(3)    Selection.  At the conclusion of the competitions, the judges shall meet in closed session to review the performances and select the successful participants. The decision of the judges is final, with no review available by the Terrace Hill commission.Related ARC(s): 3262CThese rules are intended to implement Iowa Code section 8A.326.Related ARC(s): 3262C