CHAPTER 43ALTERNATE PAYEES[Prior to 7/1/83, Social Services[770] Ch 43][Prior to 2/11/87, Human Services[498]]DIVISION IFAMILY INVESTMENT PROGRAM—CONTROL GROUP[Rescinded IAB 2/12/97, effective 3/1/97]441—43.1    Reserved.441—43.2    Reserved.441—43.3    Reserved.441—43.4    Reserved.441—43.5    Reserved.441—43.6    Reserved.441—43.7    Reserved.441—43.8    Reserved.441—43.9    Reserved.441—43.10    Reserved.441—43.11    Reserved.441—43.12    Reserved.441—43.13    Reserved.441—43.14    Reserved.441—43.15    Reserved.441—43.16    Reserved.441—43.17    Reserved.441—43.18    Reserved.441—43.19    Reserved.441—43.20    Reserved.DIVISION IIFAMILY INVESTMENT PROGRAM—TREATMENT GROUP[Prior to 10/13/93, 441—43.1(239) to 43.4(239)]441—43.21(239B)  Conservatorship or guardianship.    43.21(1)  When application is filed for the family investment program by a person under conservatorship or guardianship, a copy of the court order shall be secured by the department. Assistance payments shall be made to the conservator or guardian to be allocated for the support and care of the dependent child.  43.21(2)  Rescinded IAB 8/31/05, effective 11/1/05.441—43.22(239B)  Protective payments.  Rescinded IAB 8/31/05, effective 11/1/05.441—43.23(239B)  Vendor payments.  Rescinded IAB 8/31/05, effective 11/1/05.441—43.24(239B)  Emergency payee.  Payments may be made to persons acting for relatives who have been receiving assistance for a child in emergency situations that deprive the child of the relatives’ care. These payments shall be made for a temporary period, not to exceed three months, to allow time to make and implement plans for the child’s continuing care and support.These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code section 239B.13.
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