CHAPTER 24PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FUND-RAISERS 61—24.1(13C, 252J)  Registration permit denial.  The attorney general shall deny an application for registration as a professional commercial fund-raiser pursuant to Iowa Code section 13C.2 and Iowa Code chapter 252J, if the applicant:
  1. Has failed to fully complete all required registration permit applications;
  2. Has failed either to include with the registration permit application financial disclosure information requested by the attorney general or file a statement with the permit application that the fund-raiser agrees to provide, without cost, the financial disclosure information required to be disclosed by Iowa Code section 13C.2 to a person or government entity requesting the information within one day of the request;
  3. Has failed to provide the attorney general with a current listing of the professional commercial fund-raiser’s clients;
  4. Has failed to pay the required registration permit fee to the attorney general; or
  5. Is an individual and the attorney general has received a certificate of noncompliance from the child support recovery unit in regard to the individual, until the unit furnishes the attorney general with a withdrawal of the certificate of noncompliance.
61—24.2(13C, 252J)  Notice of denial of registration based on nonpayment of child support.  The notice required by Iowa Code section 252J.8 shall be served upon the applicant by restricted certified mail, return receipt requested, or personal service in accordance with Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure 56.1. Alternatively, the applicant may accept service personally or through authorized counsel.61—24.3(13C, 252J)  Obligation of applicants to notify attorney general concerning nonpayment of child support.  Applicants shall keep the attorney general informed of all court actions, and all child support recovery unit actions taken under or in connection with Iowa Code chapter 252J, and shall provide the attorney general copies, within seven days of filing or issuance, of all applications filed with the district court pursuant to Iowa Code section 252J.9, all court orders entered in such actions, and withdrawals of certificates of noncompliance by the child support recovery unit.61—24.4(13C, 252J)  Effective date of denial based on nonpayment of child support.  The effective date of denial of registration, as specified in the notice required by 252J.8, shall be 60 days following service of the notice upon the applicant.61—24.5(13C, 252J)  Calculating effective dates of denial of registration based on nonpayment of child support.  In the event an applicant files a timely district court action following service of an attorney general notice pursuant to Iowa Code sections 252J.8 and 252J.9, the attorney general shall continue with the intended action described in the notice upon the receipt of a court order lifting the stay, dismissing the action, or otherwise directing the attorney general to proceed. For purposes of determining the effective date of denial of the issuance of a registration permit, the attorney general shall count the number of days before the action was filed and the number of days after the action was disposed of by the court. These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code chapters 13C and 252J.