Senate Study Bill 1206 - Introduced

An Act 1designating the American cream
2draft horse as the official state horse of the State
3of Iowa.
4WHEREAS, the American cream draft horse is the only
5draft horse breed native to the United States;and
6WHEREAS, the American cream draft horse is a breed
7that traces its bloodline back to a mare named “Old
8Granny”, which is believed to have been foaled in Iowa
9around the turn of the last century, first appearing
10in records from a farm sale in the city of Jewell, in
11Story county, Iowa, in 1911;and
12WHEREAS, the breed was recognized by the Iowa
13department of agriculture in 1950, based on a 1948
14recommendation by the national stallion enrollment
16WHEREAS, in 1944, the American cream horse
17association of America was chartered by Mr.C.T.
18Rierson, and his assistant Mrs.Karene (Bunker) Topp,
19of Radcliffe, Iowa, the culmination of almost 40 years
20of interest in creating a new breed of American draft
22WHEREAS, in 1993, members of the organization voted
23to amend the organization’s articles of incorporation
24to change its name to the American cream draft horse
26WHEREAS, the American cream draft horse is
27immediately identifiable by its cream coat, pink skin,
-1-1and amber-colored eyes, specific traits of the famous
2champagne dilution gene;and
3WHEREAS, in 1990, genetic testing found that,
4compared with other draft breeds and based upon gene
5marker data, the American cream draft horse formed a
6distinct group within the draft horses;and
7WHEREAS, the breed is closely associated with
8Iowa’s farming heritage — having a wide chest;
9sloping shoulders; a short, strong back; well-muscled
10hindquarters with strong, well-proportioned
11legs set well apart; strong hooves; and a gentle
12disposition;NOW THEREFORE,
15draft horse is designated and shall be officially known
16as the state horse of Iowa;and

   17BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the director of the
18department of cultural affairs is directed to cooperate
19with the American cream draft horse association to
20obtain appropriate pictures and other representations
21of the American cream draft horse and shall display the
22pictures and representations in an appropriate place in
23the state historical museum;and
   24BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the editor of the Iowa
25official register is directed to cooperate with the
26American cream draft horse association to include an
27appropriate picture and commentary of the American
28cream draft horse in the Iowa official register along
29with the pictures of the state rock, state flower,
30state bird, and state tree.
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