House Resolution 10 - Introduced

An Act 1recognizing National Speech and Debate
2Education Day.
3WHEREAS, National Speech and Debate Education Day is
4annually celebrated on the first Friday in March;and
5WHEREAS, we celebrate National Speech and Debate
6Education Day this year on March 3, 2023;and
7WHEREAS, the National Speech & Debate Association,
8in conjunction with national and local partners,
9established this event to promote better instruction
10in speech and debate across all grade levels and to
11highlight the pivotal roles these abilities play in
12personal advocacy, social movements, and public policy
14WHEREAS, speech and debate education helps students
15develop important skills in communication, critical
16thinking, creativity, and collaboration through the
17practice of public speaking;and
18WHEREAS, participants in speech and debate education
19learn not only to analyze and express complex ideas
20effectively but also to listen, concur, question, and
21dissent with reason and compassion;and
22WHEREAS, across the country, countless educators
23devote in-school, after-school, and weekend time to
24support their students in speech and debate practices
25and competitions, and the example of hard work and
26dedication they set has a lasting, positive impact on
27their pupils;and
28WHEREAS, the skills learned through speech and
-1-1debate serve students well throughout their lives, and
2National Speech and Debate Education Day presents a
3welcome opportunity to recognize such instruction as an
4essential component of a well-rounded curriculum;NOW
7the House of Representatives hereby recognizes March
83, 2023, as National Speech and Debate Education Day
9in Iowa.

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