Senate File 285 - IntroducedA Bill ForAn Act 1relating to juvenile justice delinquency prevention
2programs and services, and including effective date
1   Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  232.192  Juvenile justice
2delinquency prevention.
   31.  Contingent on a specific appropriation for these
4purposes, the judicial branch shall do all of the following:
   5a.  Use research and data to develop, evaluate, and
6administer gender-responsive, and developmentally and
7culturally competent, evidence-based programs and services
8to address the identified criminogenic needs of youth in the
9community throughout all stages of involvement with juvenile
10court services and the juvenile court including prevention,
11treatment, and reentry.
   12b.  Develop programs targeting services that reduce or
13eliminate the need for out-of-home placement.
   14c.  Develop services to promote continuity of care that are
15provided collaboratively within the community and that are
16delivered through planning and community groups, organizations,
17and resources.
   18d.  Develop community-based and evidence-driven programs and
19services that specifically address the needs of juvenile court
20services and court-involved youth transitioning into adulthood.
   212.  Programs and services required by this section
22shall focus on community safety and be driven by validated
23assessments to ensure programming is matched to youth risk
24level and individual needs.
25   Sec. 2.  2022 Iowa Acts, chapter 1098, section 92, subsection
262, is amended by striking the subsection.
27   Sec. 3.  REPEAL.  2022 Iowa Acts, chapter 1098, section 70,
28is repealed.
29   Sec. 4.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  The following, being deemed of
30immediate importance, take effect upon enactment:
   311.  The section of this Act repealing 2022 Iowa Acts, chapter
321098, section 70.
   332.  The section of this Act amending 2022 Iowa Acts, chapter
341098, section 92.
1The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with
2the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly.
   3In 2022, the general assembly passed legislation repealing
4Code section 232.191, relating to early intervention and
5follow-up programs for juveniles by the department of health
6and human services, and enacted Code section 232.192, relating
7to early intervention and follow-up programs for juveniles
8by juvenile court services of the judicial branch. The
9legislation will take effect July 1, 2023. This bill replaces
10the enactment of Code section 232.192.
   11The bill instead requires the judicial branch to, subject
12to available moneys, develop programs and services related
13to juvenile justice delinquency prevention, as set forth in
14the bill. The programs and services shall focus on community
15safety and match youth risk level and individual needs.
   16The bill repeals the provision requiring juvenile court
17services to develop early intervention and follow-up programs
18that was passed by the general assembly in 2022 and would have
19taken effect July 1, 2023. These provisions of the bill take
20effect upon enactment.