House Resolution 5 - Introduced

An Act 1regarding foundational principles of the
2American form of government.
3WHEREAS, each General Assembly convenes with
4many members who are new legislators, it is fitting
5and proper that, in addition to the oath of office,
6certain foundational principles of the American form of
7government be acknowledged;and
8WHEREAS, the members of the 90th General Assembly
9do hereby acknowledge the Declaration of Independence
10which gave birth to the United States of America, and
11recognize that the laws of nature and nature’s God are
12the foundation for unalienable rights and the purpose
13of government is to secure these rights;and
14WHEREAS, the members of the 90th General Assembly
15do hereby acknowledge the United States Constitution
16as the supreme law of the land within the limits which
17the Constitution itself imposes, and, the powers not
18delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
19prohibited to it to the states, are reserved to the
20states respectively, or to the people;and
21WHEREAS, the members of the 90th General Assembly
22do hereby acknowledge the Constitution of the State
23of Iowa, and express gratitude to the Supreme Being
24for the blessings hitherto enjoyed and acknowledge
25continued reliance upon Him for future blessings;and
1WHEREAS, the members of the 90th General Assembly
2acknowledge that all men and women are, by nature,
3free and equal, and have certain inalienable rights,
4which include enjoying and defending life and liberty;
5acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; and
6pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness;and
7WHEREAS, the members of the 90th General
8Assembly acknowledge that the United States of
9America is a republic and, as such, functions
10through a representative form of government wherein
11representatives selected by the people conduct
12government’s business according to the rule of law;NOW
15That the members of the 90th General Assembly, as
16representatives selected by the people of Iowa in a
17free republic, do hereby resolve to operate with all
18due respect to the laws of nature, the laws of the
19United States, and the laws of the State of Iowa.

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