Senate File 2293 - IntroducedA Bill ForAn Act 1relating to the Iowa drug policy coordinator and the
2Iowa drug policy advisory council.
1   Section 1.  Section 80E.1, subsection 2, paragraphs a and b,
2Code 2022, are amended to read as follows:
   3a.  Direct the governor’s office of drug control policy,
4and coordinate and monitor all statewide narcotics drug
5 enforcement efforts, coordinate and monitor all state and
6federal substance abuse use disorder treatment grants and
7programs, coordinate and monitor all statewide substance abuse
8prevention and education programs in communities and schools,
9and engage in such other related activities as required by
10law. The coordinator shall work in coordinating the efforts
11of the department of corrections, the department of education,
12the Iowa department of public health, the department of public
13safety, and the department of human services. The coordinator
14shall assist in the development and implementation of local and
15community strategies to fight substance abuse, including local
16law enforcement, education, and treatment activities.
   17b.  Submit an annual report to the governor and general
18assembly by November 1 of each year concerning the activities
19and programs of the coordinator and other departments related
20to drug enforcement, substance abuse use disorder treatment
21programs, and substance abuse prevention and education
22programs. The report shall include an assessment of needs with
23respect to programs related to substance abuse use disorder
24 treatment and narcotics drug enforcement.
25   Sec. 2.  Section 80E.2, subsections 1 and 2, Code 2022, are
26amended to read as follows:
   271.  An Iowa drug policy advisory council is established which
28shall consist of the following fifteen seventeen members:
   29a.  The drug policy coordinator, who shall serve as
30chairperson of the council.
   31b.  The director of the department of corrections, or the
32director’s designee.
   33c.  The director of the department of education, or the
34director’s designee.
   35d.  The director of the Iowa department of public health, or
-1-1the director’s designee.
   2e.  The commissioner of public safety, or the commissioner’s
   4f.  The director of the department of human services, or the
5director’s designee.
   6g.  The director of the division of criminal and juvenile
7justice planning in the department of human rights, or the
8division director’s designee.
   9h.  The state public defender, or the state public defender’s
   11h.    i.  A prosecuting attorney.
   12i.    j.  A licensed substance abuse treatment specialist
 certified alcohol and drug counselor.
   14j.    k.  A certified substance abuse prevention specialist.
   15k.    l.  A substance abuse use disorder treatment program
   17l.    m.  A justice of the Iowa supreme court, or judge, as
18designated by the chief justice of the supreme court.
   19m.    n.  A member representing the Iowa peace officers
   21n.    o.  A member representing the Iowa state police
   23o.    p.  A member representing the Iowa state sheriffs’ and
24deputies’ association.
   25q.  A police chief.
   262.  The prosecuting attorney, licensed substance abuse
27treatment specialist
 certified alcohol and drug counselor,
28certified substance abuse prevention specialist, substance
29abuse use disorder treatment program director, member
30representing the Iowa peace officers association, member
31representing the Iowa state police association, and the
32member representing the Iowa state sheriffs’ and deputies’
33association, and the member representing the Iowa police chiefs
shall be appointed by the governor, subject to
35senate confirmation, for four-year terms beginning and ending
-2-1as provided in section 69.19. A vacancy on the council shall
2be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the
3original appointment was made.
5The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with
6the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly.
   7This bill relates to the Iowa drug policy coordinator and the
8Iowa drug policy advisory council.
   9The bill makes changes to the terminology used in describing
10the duties of the Iowa drug policy coordinator. “Narcotics
11enforcement” is changed to “drug enforcement”, and “substance
12abuse” is changed to “substance use disorder” when referring to
13treatment programs and professionals.
   14The bill increases the number of members of the Iowa drug
15policy advisory council from 15 to 17. The additional members,
16to be appointed by the governor, are the state public defender
17or the state public defender’s designee, and a police chief.
18The names of certain current members on the advisory council
19are changed to more accurately describe the stakeholders.