House Resolution 103 - Introduced

An Act 1honoring the life of Duane King.
2WHEREAS, Duane King founded Deaf Missions in 1970,
3an Iowa nonprofit organization, and served as the
4director of Deaf Missions for 38 years;and
5WHEREAS, under Duane King’s guidance, Deaf Missions
6translated the Bible into American Sign Language, which
7has reached a million downloads and launched the Deaf
8Missions Training Center to train and equip deaf and
9hard-of-hearing individuals to more effectively spread
10the Gospel of Jesus;and
11WHEREAS, Deaf Missions now impacts the lives of deaf
12and hard-of-hearing individuals and their families and
13friends in all 50 states and in more than 90 countries
14around the world;and
15WHEREAS, Deaf Missions is a noted and respected
16leader among ministries for deaf and hard-of-hearing
17people, and Deaf Missions’ outreach extends to more
18than 60 different denominations;and
19WHEREAS, Duane King was the pastor of Christ’s
20Church for the Deaf located in Council Bluffs,
22WHEREAS, Duane King was the faithful husband of
23Peggy King, the loving father of a daughter, Christine
24Clausen Cannon and a son, JD King, and the loving
25grandfather of five grandchildren, Isaac Clausen,
26Luke Clausen, McKenzie King, Dakota King, and Kassidy
-1-1the House of Representatives honors the life and memory
2of Duane King, whose extraordinary work in service to
3the deaf and hard-of-hearing community has benefited
4that community and the citizens of the state of Iowa,
5and extends its condolences to the King family.