Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 - Introduced

A Concurrent Resolution 1relating to expressing support
2for the federal Protecting the Right to Organize
4WHEREAS, inequality in the United States of America
5and Iowa has skyrocketed due to the failure of federal
6policymakers to pass pro-worker labor laws and properly
7administer the federal National Labor Relations Act of
81935, which has been dismantled for several decades to
9make it more difficult for workers to form unions;and
10WHEREAS, the proposed federal Protecting the
11Right to Organize Act is the most significant worker
12empowerment legislation since the Great Depression, as
13it stands to give workers the free and fair choice of
14whether to form a union, ensures workers can reach a
15first contract quickly after a union is recognized,
16ends employers’ practices of punishing striking
17workers by hiring permanent replacements, and holds
18corporations accountable with real penalties for
19illegally retaliating against workers who organize;and
20WHEREAS, the Protecting the Right to Organize Act
21will help make the United States of America’s economy
22work for working people and help raise stagnant wages
23that only increased 9 percent from 1973 to 2013, while
24productivity increased 74 percent over that same time
26WHEREAS, previously, wages increased 91 percent from
271948 to 1972, while productivity increased 108 percent
28over that same time period;and
1WHEREAS, wage stagnation and runaway inequality of
2political, social, and economic power have undermined
3the public’s faith in our democracy;and
4WHEREAS, through the expansion of collective
5bargaining under the Protecting the Right to Organize
6Act, there will be increases in pay and protections
7for all workers, including women, people of color,
8immigrants, and the LGBTQ community;and
9WHEREAS, the United States of America and Iowa must
10support unions by making the Protecting the Right to
11Organize Act the law of the land, increasing worker
12power and rebuilding our economy fairly for all of
14WHEREAS, the United States House of Representatives
15passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act with
16bipartisan support on March 9, 2021, and it is now
17before the United States Senate;NOW THEREFORE,
20finds that the federal Protecting the Right to Organize
21Act stands to greatly increase economic opportunity
22in Iowa and the United States of America and to
23empower workers through the promotion and expansion of
24collective bargaining.