House Resolution 8 - Introduced

An Act 1urging the Congress of the United States
2to grant additional authority to the Federal
3Communications Commission to restrict unwanted
4robocalls and call spoofing, and urging the Federal
5Communications Commission to educate the public on
6how to report unlawful telephone calls.
7WHEREAS, the Federal Communications Commission
8receives numerous complaints from consumers related to
9unwanted telephone calls, including complaints related
10to robocalls, which are automated telemarketing or
11solicitation telephone calls that deliver a recorded
13WHEREAS, in recent years, robocalls have been placed
14using a process called spoofing in which the telephone
15call appears to originate from a local telephone number
16in an effort to deceive consumers into answering the
17telephone call;and
18WHEREAS, pursuant to the Truth in Caller ID Act of
192009, it is unlawful for any person within the United
20States, in connection with any telecommunications
21service or IP-enabled voice service, to cause any
22caller identification service to knowingly transmit
23misleading or inaccurate information with the intent
-1-1to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything
2of value;and
3WHEREAS, the Federal Communications Commission uses
4social media and other means to reach consumers and
5encourage them to file a complaint when an unlawful
6telephone call is received;NOW THEREFORE,
8the House of Representatives urges the Congress of the
9United States to grant additional authority to the
10Federal Communications Commission to allow it to stop
11unwanted robocalls and spoofing;and

   12BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the House of
13Representatives urges the Federal Communications
14Commission to take further action to educate the public
15on how to report unlawful telephone calls;and
   16BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this
17Resolution be transmitted to the President of the
18United States Senate, the Speaker of the United
19States House of Representatives, each member of Iowa’s
20congressional delegation, and the chairperson and
21commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission.