House Resolution 4 - Introduced

An Act 1honoring Crampton Linley for his heroic
2efforts in containing the Iowa State Capitol fire of
4WHEREAS, Crampton Linley, an Australian, arrived in
5Iowa in the early 1900s and worked as a surveyor and
7WHEREAS, Linley served as a consulting engineer for
8the Sturtevant Company, which was contracted to update
9the ventilating and heating systems within the Iowa
10State Capitol;and
11WHEREAS, on January 4, 1904, while installing
12electrical lines throughout the Capitol, an electrician
13was using a candle while working on the second floor
14behind the House Chamber, which caused a fire that
15spread to the attic;and
16WHEREAS, Linley, who was in the building at the time
17of the fire, crawled to the attic on his hands and
18knees in dense smoke through an air duct;and
19WHEREAS, Linley closed a connecting door, which
20confined the fire to the north end of the Capitol and
21saved the remainder of the building;and
22WHEREAS, Linley, upon the request of Governor Albert
23Cummins, was assessing the fire damage in the attic on
24January 5, 1904;and
25WHEREAS, while assessing the damage, an area where
26Linley stood collapsed and he fell 47 feet to the House
27Chamber below, dying shortly thereafter;and
28WHEREAS, the 1902–1906 Capitol Commission determined
-1-1that Linley’s heroic conduct on January 4, 1904, was a
2significant factor in containing the fire to the north
3wing of the Capitol;NOW THEREFORE,
5the House of Representatives recognizes Crampton Linley
6for his extraordinary efforts and heroic actions on
7January 4, 1904, in containing the Iowa State Capitol
8fire, and honors him for his service to the state of