Senate Resolution 20 - Introduced

An Act 1urging an investigation and review of the
2actions of the Army Corps of Engineers related to
3flood control in Western Iowa and a request that the
4Army Corps of Engineers be required to return to its
5primary mission of flood control.
6WHEREAS, the State of Iowa has experienced tragedy
7after tragedy related to flooding on the western side
8of the state;and
9WHEREAS, the State of Iowa has experienced financial
10hardship time and time again resulting from flooding on
11the western side of the state;and
12WHEREAS, Iowans have dealt with flood-related
13catastrophes due to irresponsible management by the
14Army Corps of Engineers;and
15WHEREAS, individuals have suffered loss of treasure
16and livelihood due to mismanagement of our natural
18WHEREAS, the federal district court ruled in
19March 2018 that the Army Corps of Engineers has not
20followed the direction of its original mission of flood
21control;NOW THEREFORE,
   22BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate hereby
23strongly encourages our federal delegation of elected
24officials to pursue an investigation and a complete
25review of the activities, including a review of the
26rules and regulations related to flood control, of the
27Army Corps of Engineers;and

   28BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Army Corps of
-1-1Engineers be required to return to its primary mission
2of flood control and be held accountable for the
3results of its actions to those individuals and states