Senate Concurrent Resolution 9 - Introduced

A Concurrent Resolution 1relating to the compensation
2of chaplains, officers, and employees of the
3eighty-seventh eighty-eighth general assembly.
4WHEREAS, section 2.11 of the Code provides that “The
5compensation of the chaplains, officers, and employees
6of the general assembly shall be fixed by joint action
7of the house and senate by resolution at the opening of
8each session, or as soon thereafter as conveniently can
9be done.”;NOW THEREFORE,
11REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, That the compensation of
12the employees of the eighty-seventh eighty-eighth
13 general assembly is set, effective from January 9,
142017, until January 14, 2019
 January 14, 2019, until
15January 11, 2021
, in accordance with the following
16salary schedule:

18$18,636.80 $19,011.20
      198.96  9.14
21$19,656.00 $20,051.20$20,696.00 $21,112.00
      229.45 9.64      9.95 10.15
24$21,694.40 $22,131.20$22,796.80 $23,254.40
      2510.43 10.64      10.96 11.18
27$23,982.40 $24,481.60$25,272.00 $25,771.20
      2811.53 11.77      12.15 12.39
2$26,561.60 $27,102.40$27,684.80 $28,225.60
      312.77 13.03      13.31 13.57
5$29,099.20 $29,681.60$30,409.60 $31,033.60
      613.99 14.27      14.62 14.92
8$31,990.40 $32,635.20$33,384.00 $34,049.60
      915.38 15.69      16.05 16.37
11$35,048.00 $35,755.20$36,774.40 $37,523.20
      1216.85 17.19      17.68 18.04
14$38,417.60 $39,187.20$40,372.80 $41,184.00
      1518.47 18.84      19.41 19.80
17$42,265.60 $43,118.40$44,304.00 $45,198.40
      1820.32 20.73      21.30 21.73
20$46,488.00 $47,424.00$48,672.00 $49,649.60
      2122.35 22.80      23.40 23.87
23$51,022.40 $52,062.40$53,560.00 $54,641.60
      2424.53 25.03      25.75 26.27
26$56,035.20 $57,158.40$58,760.00 $59,945.60
      2726.94 27.48      28.25 28.82
29$61,484.80 $62,732.80$64,459.20 $65,748.80
      3029.56 30.16      30.99 31.61
2$67,516.80 $68,868.80$70,824.00 $72,238.40
      332.46 33.11      34.05 34.73
5$74,172.80 $75,670.40$77,812.80 $79,372.80
      635.66 36.38      37.41 38.16
8$81,556.80 $83,200.00$85,467.20 $87,193.60
      939.21 40.00      41.09 41.92
11$89,648.00 $91,457.60$93,808.00 $95,700.80
      1243.10 43.97      45.10 46.01
14$98,404.80 $100,380.80$103,126.40 $105,206.40
      1547.31 48.26      49.58 50.58
17$108,035.20 $110,198.40$113,193.60 $115,460.80
      1851.94 52.98      54.42 55.51
20$118,622.40 $121,014.40$124,321.60 $126,817.60
      2157.03 58.18      59.77 60.97
23$130,374.40 $132,995.20$136,593.60 $139,339.20
      2462.68 63.94      65.67 66.99
   25In this schedule, each numbered block shall be
26the yearly and hourly compensation for the pay grade
27of the number heading the block. Within each grade
28there shall be eight steps numbered “1” through “8”.
29In the above schedule the steps for all grades are
30determined in the following manner. Each numbered
-3-1block is counted as the “1” step for that grade. The
2next higher block is counted as the “2” step; the next
3higher block is the “3” step; the next higher block is
4the “4” step; the next higher block is the “5” step;
5the next higher block is the “6” step; the next higher
6block is the “7” step; and the next higher block plus
72.5% is the “8” step.
   8Alternatively, the senate rules and administration
9committee for senate employees, and the house
10administration and rules committee for house employees
11may allow their employees’ compensation to be flexibly
12set anywhere between steps “1” through “8” for an
13employee’s prescribed pay grade.
   14All employees shall be available to work daily
15until completion of the senate’s and house of
16representatives’ business. The employee’s division
17supervisor shall schedule all employees’ working hours
18to, as far as possible, maintain regular working hours.
   19All employees, other than those designated “part-
20time”, shall be compensated for 40 hours of work in
21a one-week pay period. Secretaries to senators and
22representatives are presumed to have 32 hours of work
23each week the legislature is in session and shall
24be paid only on that basis. Full-time employees
25who are required to work in excess of 80 hours in a
26two-week pay period shall be allowed compensatory time
27off at a rate of one hour for each hour of overtime
28up to a maximum of 120 hours of compensatory time.
29Joint security employees of the senate and house of
30representatives may be compensated for each hour of
-4-1overtime at a rate of pay equal to one-and-one-half
2times the hourly pay provided.
   3BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That part-time employees
4shall be compensated at the scheduled hourly rate for
5their pay grade and step.
   6BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That in the event the
7salary schedule for employees of the State of Iowa
8as promulgated by the department of administrative
9services pursuant to section 8A.413, subsection 3, is
10revised upward at any time during the eighty-seventh
 eighty-eighth general assembly, such revised schedule
12shall simultaneously be adopted for the compensation
13of the employees of the eighty-seventh eighty-eighth
14 general assembly assigned a grade by this resolution,
15unless otherwise provided by the senate and house of
   17BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That adjustments in
18the positions and compensation listed in this
19resolution may be made through an interim review of
20all legislative employees for internal equity and to
21assure compliance with appropriate legal standards
22for granting of overtime and compensatory time off.
23Such review shall be conducted by a legislative
24committee made up of members of the service committee
25of legislative council and the appropriate salary
26subcommittees of the senate and house. Only one such
27review may be done in any fiscal year and adjustments
28suggested must be approved by the appropriate hiring
   30BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the employees of the
-5-1eighty-seventh eighty-eighth general assembly be placed
2in the following pay grades:
4Chief Clerk of the HouseGrade 44
5Sr.Assistant Chief Clerk of the HouseGrade 41
6Assistant Chief Clerk of the House IIIGrade 38
7Assistant Chief Clerk of the House IIGrade 35
8Assistant Chief Clerk of the House IGrade 32
9Legal Counsel IIGrade 35
10Legal Counsel IGrade 32
11Legal CounselGrade 30
12Sr.Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 41
13Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 38
14Sr.Deputy Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 39
15Deputy Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 36
16Administrative Assistant to Leader or
17SpeakerGrade 27
18Administrative Assistant I to Leader or
19SpeakerGrade 29
20Administrative Assistant II to Leader or
21SpeakerGrade 32
22Administrative Assistant III to Leader or
23SpeakerGrade 35
24Sr.Administrative Assistant to Leader or
25Speaker IGrade 38
26Sr.Administrative Assistant to Leader or
27Speaker IIGrade 41
28Research AssistantGrade 24
29Legislative Research AnalystGrade 27
30Legislative Research Analyst IGrade 29
-6-1Legislative Research Analyst IIGrade 32
2Legislative Research Analyst IIIGrade 35
3Sr.Legislative Research AnalystGrade 38
4Assistant Secretary to Leader or SpeakerGrade 18
5Secretary to Leader or SpeakerGrade 19
6Caucus SecretaryGrade 21
7Senior Caucus SecretaryGrade 24
8Administrative Secretary to Leader, Speaker,
9or Chief ClerkGrade 21
10Executive Secretary to Leader, Speaker or
11Chief ClerkGrade 24
12Confidential Secretary to Leader, Speaker,
13or Chief ClerkGrade 27
14Clerk to Chief ClerkGrade 16
15Supervisor of SecretariesGrade 21
16Supervisor of Secretaries IGrade 24
17Supervisor of Secretaries IIGrade 27
18Sr. Administrative Services OfficerGrade 35
19Administrative Services Officer IIIGrade 32
20Administrative Services Officer IIGrade 29
21Administrative Services Officer IGrade 26
22Administrative Services OfficerGrade 23
23Administrative Services AssistantGrade 20
24Senior EditorGrade 30
25Editor IIGrade 25
26Editor IGrade 22
27Assistant EditorGrade 19
28Compositor/Desk Top SpecialistGrade 17
29Sr. Text ProcessorGrade 25
30Text Processor IIGrade 22
-7-1Text Processor IGrade 19
2Senior Finance Officer IIIGrade 38
3Senior Finance Officer IIGrade 35
4Senior Finance Officer IGrade 31
5Finance Officer IIGrade 27
6Finance Officer IGrade 24
7Assistant Finance OfficerGrade 21
8Recording Clerk IIGrade 24
9Recording Clerk IGrade 21
10Assistant Legal Counsel IGrade 30
11Assistant Legal CounselGrade 27
12Engrossing & Enrolling ProcessorGrade 27
13Assistant to the Legal CounselGrade 19
14Senior IndexerGrade 28
15Indexer IIGrade 25
16Indexer IGrade 22
17Indexing AssistantGrade 19
18Supply ClerkGrade 16
19Switchboard OperatorGrade 14
20Legislative SecretaryGrade 15
21Legislative Committee SecretaryGrade 17
22Bill ClerkGrade 14
23Assistant Bill ClerkGrade 12
24PostmasterGrade 12
25Sergeant-at-Arms IIGrade 20
26Sergeant-at-Arms IGrade 17
27Assistant Sergeant-at-ArmsGrade 14
28Chief DoorkeeperGrade 12
29DoorkeepersGrade 11
30PagesGrade 9
2Secretary of the SenateGrade 44
3Sr. Assistant Secretary of the SenateGrade 41
4Assistant Secretary of the Senate IIIGrade 38
5Assistant Secretary of the Senate IIGrade 35
6Assistant Secretary of the Senate IGrade 32
7Legal Counsel IIGrade 35
8Legal Counsel IGrade 32
9Legal CounselGrade 30
10Sr.Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 41
11Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 38
12Sr.Deputy Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 39
13Deputy Caucus Staff DirectorGrade 36
14Administrative Assistant to Leader
15or PresidentGrade 27
16Administrative Assistant I to Leader
17or PresidentGrade 29
18Administrative Assistant II to Leader
19or PresidentGrade 32
20Administrative Assistant III to Leader
21or PresidentGrade 35
22Sr.Administrative Assistant to Leader
23or President IGrade 38
24Sr.Administrative Assistant to Leader
25or President IIGrade 41
26Research AssistantGrade 24
27Legislative Research AnalystGrade 27
28Legislative Research Analyst IGrade 29
29Legislative Research Analyst IIGrade 32
30Legislative Research Analyst IIIGrade 35
-9-1Sr.Legislative Research AnalystGrade 38
2Caucus Secretary IIGrade 21
3Senior Caucus SecretaryGrade 24
4Secretary to Leader, President, or
5CaucusGrade 18
6Administrative Secretary to Leader,
7President, or Secretary of the SenateGrade 21
8Executive Secretary to Leader, President,
9or Secretary of the SenateGrade 24
10Confidential Secretary to Leader, President,
11or Secretary of the SenateGrade 27
12Supervisor of SecretariesGrade 21
13Supervisor of Secretaries IGrade 24
14Supervisor of Secretaries IIGrade 27
15Sr.Administrative Services OfficerGrade 35
16Administrative Services Officer IIIGrade 32
17Administrative Services Officer IIGrade 29
18Administrative Services Officer IGrade 26
19Administrative Services OfficerGrade 23
20Administrative Services AssistantGrade 20
21Senior EditorGrade 30
22Editor IIGrade 25
23Editor IGrade 22
24Assistant EditorGrade 19
25Compositor/Desk Top SpecialistGrade 17
26Assistant Legal Counsel IGrade 30
27Assistant Legal CounselGrade 27
28Assistant to the Legal CounselGrade 19
29ProofreaderGrade 16
30Senior Finance Officer IIIGrade 38
-10-1Senior Finance Officer IIGrade 35
2Senior Finance Officer IGrade 31
3Finance Officer IIGrade 27
4Finance Officer IGrade 24
5Assistant Finance OfficerGrade 21
6Recording Clerk IIGrade 24
7Recording Clerk IGrade 21
8Senior IndexerGrade 28
9Indexer IIGrade 25
10Indexer IGrade 22
11Indexing AssistantGrade 19
12Records and Supply ClerkGrade 18
13Switchboard OperatorGrade 14
14Legislative SecretaryGrade 15
15Legislative Committee SecretaryGrade 17
16Bill ClerkGrade 14
17Assistant Bill ClerkGrade 12
18PostmasterGrade 12
19Sergeant-at-Arms IIGrade 20
20Sergeant-at-Arms IGrade 17
21Assistant Sergeant-at-ArmsGrade 14
22Chief DoorkeeperGrade 12
23DoorkeepersGrade 11
24PagesGrade 9
26Facilities Manager IGrade 35
27Facilities Manager IIGrade 38
28Sr.Facilities ManagerGrade 41
29Human Resources Director IIIGrade 38
30Human Resources Director IIGrade 35
1Human Resources Director IGrade 31
2Legislative Security Coordinator IGrade 23
3Legislative Security Coordinator IIGrade 26
4Legislative Security Officer IGrade 20
5Legislative Security Officer IIGrade 23
6Conservation/Restoration Specialist IGrade 28
7Conservation/Restoration Specialist IIGrade 31
8Sr.Legislative Lobbyist ClerkGrade 24
9Legislative Lobbyist ClerkGrade 21
10Sr.Copy Center OperatorGrade 21
11Copy Center OperatorGrade 18
   12BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That there shall be four
13classes of appointments as employees of the general
15A “permanent full-time” or “permanent part-time”
16employee is one who is employed the year around and
17eligible to receive state benefits.
18An “exempt full-time” employee is one who is
19employed for only a portion of the year, usually the
20period of the legislative sessions with extensions
21post-session and pre-session as scheduled. This class
22is eligible to receive state benefits with the cost of
23benefits to the state to be paid, using accrued leave
24if authorized, by the employee when not on the payroll.
25A “session-only” employee is one who is employed for
26only a portion of the year, usually the legislative
27session. This class is not eligible for state
28benefits, except IPERS, and insurance as provided in
29section 2.40.
30A “part-time” employee is one who is employed to
-12-1work less than 40 hours per week. This class is not
2eligible for state benefits, except IPERS if eligible.
   3BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the exact
4classification for individuals in a job series
5created by this resolution shall be set or changed for
6senate employees by the senate rules and administration
7committee and for the house employees by the house
8administration and rules committee. The committees
9shall base the classification upon the following
111. The extent of formal education required of the
12position; and,
132. The extent of the responsibilities to be
14assigned to the position; and,
153. The amount of supervision placed over the
16position; and,
174. The number of persons the position is assigned
18to supervise and skills and responsibilities of those
19positions supervised.
20The committees shall report the exact
21classifications assigned to each individual on the
22next legislative day, or, if such action is during
23the interim, on the first day the senate or house
24shall convene. Any action by the senate or house to
25disapprove a report or a portion of a report shall be
26effective the day after the action.
27Recommendations for a pay grade for a new position
28shall be developed in accordance with the factor scores
29in the comparable worth report. Every four years the
30senate rules and administration committee, the house
-13-1administration and rules committee, and the legislative
2council may review all positions in the legislative
3branch to assure conformity to comparable worth.
   4BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a senator or
5representative may employ a secretary who in the
6judgment of the senator or representative employing
7such person, possesses the necessary skills to perform
8the duties such senator or representative shall
9designate, under the administrative direction, as
10appropriate, of the secretary of the senate or the
11chief clerk of the house.
12Each standing committee chairperson, ethics
13committee chairperson, and each appropriations
14subcommittee chairperson shall designate a secretary
15who is competent to perform the following duties:
16prepare committee minutes, committee reports, type
17committee correspondence, maintain committee records,
18and otherwise assist the committee. Such duties
19shall be performed in accordance with standards which
20shall be provided by the secretary of the senate and
21chief clerk of the house. In making the designation,
22chairpersons shall consider persons for possible
23designation as the secretary to the committee in the
24following order:
25First: The secretary to the chairperson.
26Second: The secretary to the committee’s
28Third: The secretary to any other member of the
30Fourth: The secretary to any other member in the
-14-1same house as the committee.
   2BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a Legal Counsel II
3shall be a person who has graduated from an accredited
4school of law and is admitted to practice in Iowa as
5an Attorney and Counselor at Law and possesses either
6a Masters of Law degree or has at least two years of
7legal experience after admission to practice.
8A Legal Counsel I shall be a person who has
9graduated from an accredited school of law and is
10admitted to practice in Iowa as an Attorney and
11Counselor at Law.
12BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That employees of the
13general assembly may be eligible for either:
141. Increases in salary grade or step based on
15evaluation of their job performance and recommendations
16of their administrative officers, subject to approval
17of the senate committee on rules and administration
18or the house committee on administration and rules, as
19appropriate or
202. Mobility within a pay grade at the discretion
21of the chief clerk of the house upon recommendation by
22the employee’s division supervisor on the part of the
23house, and the discretion of the employee’s division
24supervisor on the part of the senate, subject to the
25approval of the house committee on administration
26and rules or the senate committee on rules and
27administration, as appropriate — either in accord with
28a flexible pay plan approved by the senate rules and
29administration committee or the house administration
30and rules committee, or in accord with the following
2(a) Progression from step “1” to “2” for a newly
3hired employee — six months of actual employment.
4(b) Progression from step “1” to “2” following
5promotion within a job series — twelve months of
6actual employment in that position.
7(c) Progression from step “2” to “3”, and step “3”
8to “4”, and step “4” to “5”, and step “5” to “6”, and
9step “6” to “7”, and step “7” to “8” — twelve months
10of actual employment at the lower step.
   11BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That in addition to the
12steps provided in the preceding paragraph, that
13secretaries to senators and representatives who were
14employees of the senate or house of representatives
15during any general assembly prior to January 9, 1989,
16and who have received certification for passing a
17typing and shorthand performance examination shall be
18eligible for two additional steps.
   19BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That in addition to the
20steps provided in the preceding paragraph, that
21secretaries to senators and representatives shall
22be eligible for a maximum of three additional grades
23beyond grade 15, in any combination, as provided in
24this paragraph:
251. One additional grade for a secretary to a
26standing committee chair, ethics committee chair
27or appropriations subcommittee chair who is not the
28designated committee secretary.
292. One additional grade for a secretary to a vice-
30chairperson or ranking member of a standing committee,
-16-1ethics committee or appropriations subcommittee.
23. One additional grade for a secretary to the
3chairperson of the chaplain’s committee.
44. Two additional grades for a secretary to an
5assistant floor leader or speaker pro tempore or
6president pro tempore.
75. One additional grade for a designated committee
8secretary who is also the designated committee
9secretary for an additional standing committee, ethics
10committee, or appropriations subcommittee.
116. Six additional steps for a secretary who is the
12sole secretary for two or more members.

   13BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That in the event the
14secretary to the chairperson of the chaplain’s
15committee is the secretary to the president, president
16pro tempore, speaker, speaker pro tempore, or the
17majority or minority leader, such secretary shall
18receive one additional step.
   19BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the entrance salary for
20employees of the general assembly shall be at step 1 in
21the grade of the position held. Such employee may be
22hired above the entrance step if possessing outstanding
23and unusual experience for the position. Such employee
24who is hired above the entrance step shall be mobile
25above that step in the same period of time as other
26employees in that same step. An officer or employee
27who is moved to another position may be considered for
28partial or full credit for their experience in the
29former position in determining the step in the new
1The entry level for the position of research
2analyst shall be Legislative Research Analyst, unless
3extraordinary conditions justify increasing that entry
   5BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a pay increase for
6employees of one step within the pay grade for the
7position may be made for exceptionally meritorious
8service in addition to step increases provided
9for in this resolution, at the discretion of the
10chief clerk upon recommendation by the employee’s
11division supervisor on the part of the house, and upon
12recommendation by the employee’s division supervisor on
13the part of the senate, and the approval of the senate
14committee on rules and administration or the house
15committee on administration and rules. Exceptionally
16meritorious service pay increases shall be governed by
17the following:
18a. The employee must have served in the position
19for at least twelve months;
20b. Written justification, setting forth in detail
21the nature of the exceptionally meritorious service
22rendered, must be submitted to the senate rules and
23administration committee or house administration and
24rules committee and approved in advance of granting the
25pay increase;
26c. No more than one exceptionally meritorious
27service pay increase may be granted in any twelve-month
29d. Such meritorious service pay increase shall
30not be granted beyond the eight-step maximum for that
   2BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the senate rules and
3administration committee and the house administration
4and rules committee shall both hire officers and
5employees for their respective bodies and fill any
6vacancies which may occur, to be effective at such time
7as they shall set. The committee shall report the
8names of those it has hired for the positions specified
9in this resolution or the filling of any vacancies on
10the next legislative day or, if such action is during
11the interim, on the first day the senate or house shall
12convene. Any action by the senate or house to amend or
13disapprove a report or a portion of a report shall be
14effective the day after the action.
15The chief clerk of the house shall submit to the
16house committee on administration and rules and
17the secretary of the senate shall submit to the
18senate committee on rules and administration the
19list of names, or amendments thereto, of employee
20classifications and recommended pay step for each
21officer and employee. Such list shall include
22recommendations for the pay step for all employees.
23Each respective committee shall approve or amend the
24list of recommended classifications and pay steps and
25publish said list in the journal.
   26BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That permanent employees of
27the general assembly shall receive vacation allowances,
28sick leave, health and accident insurance, life
29insurance, and disability income insurance as are
30comparably provided for full-time permanent state
-19-1employees. The computations shall be maintained by the
2finance officers in each house and coordinated with the
3department of administrative services.
   4BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That should any employee
5have a grievance, the grievance shall be resolved as
6provided by procedures determined by the senate rules
7and administration committee for senate employees or
8the house administration and rules committee for house
   10BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the legislative
11council take action to provide the same compensation
12and benefits to all legislative central staff agency
13employees for the eighty-seventh eighty-eighth general
14assembly as is provided by this resolution. The
15director of each legislative central staff agency
16shall report to the chief clerk of the house and the
17secretary of the senate the list of approved positions
18for their agencies and the names, grades and steps of
19each employee. Such lists shall be published in the
20journals of the house and the senate within two weeks
21after the adoption of this resolution by both houses.
   22BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the compensation of
23chaplains officiating at the opening of the daily
24sessions of the house of representatives and the senate
25of the eighty-seventh eighty-eighth general assembly
26be fixed at ten dollars for each house of the general
27assembly, and that mileage to and from the State
28Capitol for chaplains be fixed at the rate established
29for members of the general assembly.