House Resolution 7 - Introduced

An Act 1urging Iowa’s congressional delegation to
2prevent the military use of armed unmanned aerial
3vehicles in any armed conflicts throughout the world
4without a formal declaration of war by the United
5States Congress.
6WHEREAS, Article I, Section 8 of the United States
7Constitution expressly grants the United States
8Congress with the power to declare war;and
9WHEREAS, armed unmanned aerial vehicles, also
10referred to as military drones, are increasingly being
11used as weapons of war in military actions throughout
12the world;and
13WHEREAS, United Nations human rights experts have
14raised concern about the potential illegal use of armed
16WHEREAS, the United Nations special rapporteur on
17counter-terrorism investigated the use of drones in
18lethal extraterritorial counter-terrorism operations to
19evaluate allegations that the increasing use of drones
20has caused disproportionate civilian casualties;and
21WHEREAS, the United Nations special rapporteur on
22extrajudicial killings has stated that “If the right
23to life is to be secured in the use of drones, it is
24imperative that the limitations posed by international
25law on the use of lethal force, as for any other lethal
26weapon, are strictly adhered to and not weakened by
27broad justifications of drone strikes”;and
28WHEREAS, the use of military force, and specifically
-1-1the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, by the
2United States should be done sparingly, and requiring
3Congress to declare war as provided by the United
4States Constitution helps ensure that the use of armed
5unmanned aerial vehicles by the military is limited and
6comports with international law;and
7WHEREAS, the people of Iowa, striving to live up to
8the commandments of Christ, recognize the importance of
9doing unto others as they would have done onto them,
10and understanding “As you sow so shall you reap”;NOW
13That the Iowa House of Representatives urges Iowa’s
14congressional delegation to prevent the military use of
15armed unmanned aerial vehicles in any armed conflicts
16throughout the world without a formal declaration of
17war by the United States Congress.