Senate File 181 - IntroducedA Bill ForAn Act 1establishing a tree and forest advisory council.
1   Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  455A.14A  Tree and forest advisory
   31.  For purposes of this section, unless the context
4otherwise requires, “council” means the Iowa tree and forest
5advisory council.
   62.  a.  The council shall be organized with assistance from
7the department and shall be composed of thirteen voting members
8and one ex officio, nonvoting member as follows:
   9(1)  The director or the director’s designee, who shall serve
10as the ex officio, nonvoting member.
   11(2)  Thirteen persons appointed by the natural resource
12commission, with one member representing each of the following
13organizations or industries:
   14(a)  The northeast Iowa forestry advisory committee.
   15(b)  Trees forever.
   16(c)  The lumber industry whose member is actively engaged in
17the purchase of standing timber.
   18(d)  The Iowa woodland owners association.
   19(e)  The Iowa state university extension forester.
   20(f)  The Iowa nut growers association.
   21(g)  The Iowa natural heritage foundation.
   22(h)  The Iowa urban tree council.
   23(i)  The society of American foresters.
   24(j)  The Iowa nursery and landscape association.
   25(k)  Conservation districts of Iowa.
   26(l)  The Iowa assessors association.
   27(m)  The forestry industry whose member is actively
28employed in Iowa in private forest management or as a forestry
   30b.  The director shall provide the natural resource
31commission with recommendations for nominations of prospective
32council members. The commission shall approve nominees at a
33regularly scheduled commission meeting.
   34c.  The voting members of the council shall elect a
35chairperson at the first council meeting of each year. If the
-1-1chairperson position becomes vacant, the voting members of
2the council shall elect a new chairperson at the next council
3meeting who shall serve as the chairperson for the remainder
4of the year.
   53.  a.  The term of a voting member of the council shall be
6three years.
   7b.  A vacancy on the council shall be filled by a
8representative of the same organization or industry whose
9position has become vacant for the remainder of the original
   11c.  A majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum
12and the affirmative vote of a majority present is necessary for
13any action taken by the council, except that a lesser number
14may adjourn a meeting. A vacancy in the membership of the
15council does not impair the rights of a quorum to exercise all
16rights and perform all duties of the council.
   17d.  The council shall meet as required, but at least
18twice each year. The council shall meet upon the call of the
19chairperson or upon written request of three members of the
20council. Written notice of the time and place of the meeting
21shall be given to each member.
   224.  The council shall advise and make recommendations to
23the department, the natural resource commission, the governor,
24the chairperson of the senate standing committee on natural
25resources and environment, and the chairperson of the house
26of representatives standing committee on natural resources on
27matters relating to tree and forest health, the organization
28of forestry services within the department, and legislation
29under consideration relating to forestry. Any recommendations
30shall be made at the regularly scheduled natural resource
31commission meeting in July of each year. The council shall
32research forestry issues that include but are not limited to
33the following:
   34a.  Property tax exemptions related to forest reservations.
   35b.  Organizational efficiencies to address threats to
-2-1forestry preservation in Iowa.
   2c.  Developing a set of metrics for forest and tree
3stewardship that grows Iowa’s tree canopy and addresses threats
4to forest preservation.
   5d.  Potential sources of funding for the forestry bureau
6within the department and potential sources of forestry
7cost-share assistance for private landowners to encourage and
8support the health of Iowa’s forests.
10The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with
11the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly.
   12This bill creates a tree and forest advisory council.
13The council shall consist of the director of the department
14of natural resources or the director’s designee and 13
15organization and industry representatives. The council
16shall meet at least twice each year and shall advise and
17make recommendations to the department, the commission,
18the governor, and the chairpersons of the senate standing
19committee on natural resource and environment and the house
20of representatives standing committee on natural resources
21on matters relating to tree and forest health and forestry