Issue Reviews

Detailed reviews of selected issues concerning state government.

Title Date PDF Audio
Centralized Payroll Costs 01/06/2017
Township Governance in Iowa 01/05/2017
State of Iowa FY 2014 FTE Positions and Personnel Costs 01/07/2015
County Finances 12/04/2014
School Finance Formula-Aid and Levy Worksheet 12/12/2013
Iowa Property Tax and Local Government Finance Trends 12/11/2013
State of Iowa General Fund Budget Projection 12/06/2013
Peace Officers' Retirement, Accident, and Disability System and Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System 09/30/2013
Iowa's Expenditure Limitation Process 11/16/2012
Trends in General Fund Appropriations 08/24/2012
State of Iowa Full-Time Equivalent Positions and Personnel Costs 12/28/2011
Instructional Support Program Funding Inequities 11/03/2011
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) 10/04/2011
State of Iowa's Full-Time Equivalent Positions and Personnel Costs 12/23/2010
General Fund Revenue Transfers and Appropriation Shifts 12/13/2010
State and Local Tax Revenue FY 2001 to FY 2010 12/09/2010