Dollars and Doughnuts

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Capitol – Room 19

The nonpartisan, Legislative Services Agency's (LSA) Fiscal Services Division (FSD) is offering one-hour informational sessions on topics of interest to members of the General Assembly.

Below is the schedule for the Dollars and Doughnuts sessions.

Date Topic Presenter
01/19/2017 Revenue Estimating, General Fund Revenue, and Economic Conditions Jeff Robinson
01/18/2017 Iowa Public Pensions Overview Jennifer Acton
01/17/2017 Medicaid Overview Jess Benson
01/12/2017 General Fund Budget 101 Dave Reynolds
01/11/2017 Overview of School Aid Funding Josie Gerrietts
01/10/2017 Overview of State and Federal Water Quality Programs Deb Kozel