Convention Member William Steele

Convention Member
Born January 28, 1799, at Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky, where he continued to reside until 1826, when he emigrated to Springfield, Illinois, where he was married in the year 1829 to Miss Nancy Jones. He was a farmer by trade. It was from here that he enlisted and served in the Black Hawk War and was side by side with Abraham Lincoln. From there he moved to Iowa (then the Territory of Wisconsin) the year of 1836 when Burlington and Keokuk were Indian towns and trading posts and settled in what is now Lee County, at West Point. He represented this county in the Territorial Legislature from 1840 to 1844, and the First General Assembly in 1846. He also was elected to the constitutional convention in 1846, and it was through the exertions of such men as he that Iowa has the best constitution and code of laws of any station in the union. He was a member of the Baptist Church.