Convention Member Robert Brown

Convention Member
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Born in 1802, in Ireland. Mr. Brown was a farmer in Des Moines Township. While he was not a public speaker, he was a man of superior character, held in great esteem by his fellow citizens. He was a delegate to the 1844 Iowa Constitutional Convention in Iowa City, representing Jefferson County. Mr. Brown was also elected to serve in the Senate in the First General Assembly, 1846, being the third man from this county to hold that honor. He also filled the office of recorder and treasurer when those two offices were, for a number of years, consolidated. That he was a man of independent character may be inferred from his attitude towards President Buchanan’s administration. Holding an office in the land office, he was so little in sympathy with the course pursued, in overriding the wishes of the settlers of Kansas that he boldly supported Douglas although he well knew that such a course would bring upon him the wrath of President Buchanan’s supporters. Mr. Brown died August 16 1867.