Convention Member Wright Williams

Convention Member
Born January 5, 1804 in Cayuga, New York. Mr. Williams married Miss Phoebe Johnson in Shelby County, Indiana, September 10, 1829. He came to this county in 1836 and took high rank from the very first among those who were entrusted with its important public affairs. He was elected county commissioner soon after the formation of Iowa territory and held the office from 1839 to September 30, 1844. When the first convention for the purpose of a state constitution was elected, Louisa County had three members. This was in 1844 and Mr. Williams was chosen as one of the delegates from this county to that body. Again, after the territory of Iowa was admitted as a state in 1846, he was chosen to represent the county in the first legislative assembly and again to represent it in the second legislative assembly. Later, when the governing body of county affairs was changed from a board of commissioners to a county judge in 1851, he was by common consent regarded as the best and safest man in the county with which to inaugurate that system, although there were several other aspirants for the place. He held this office until his death, November 21, 1854.