Convention Member Richard B. Wyckoff

Convention Member
Born October 28, 1815, in Delaware County, New York, the son of John W. and Catherine (Benjamin) Wyckoff, natives of New Jersey and New York, respectively. Mr. Wyckoff remained at home until he was eleven years of age, when he went to live in the home of a farmer where he remained three years. He then left him and was apprenticed to learn the mason's trade, at which he labored for some years. He came to Michigan in 1835, and followed his trade there until 1838, and then decided to emigrate still farther west, and taking a team, he went overland to the then Territory of Iowa, crossing the Mississippi at Sabula into Jackson county and locating in Van Buren Township. In 1836, Mr. Wyckoff deserted the ranks of bachelorhood, abdicating in favor of Miss Esther Jones, a native of Vermont. In politics he was a Democrat and had been a member of the City Council twice. He was also a delegate to Iowa City for the formation of the first State Constitution in 1844, and was a member of 1st Iowa Legislature in 1850-51. He held the office of probate judge and also that of county treasurer, collector and recorder. These offices were held in Jackson County during his residence there. This was from 1857 to January, 1862. He is liberal and broad in his religious beliefs and true to every good principle.