Convention Member George Hepner

Convention Member
Born in 1805, an odd bird from Parke County, Indiana. He was married to Elizabeth Whiteaker December 13, 1835, in the Territory of Michigan (later Iowa Territory). Mr. Hepner took naturally to politics and was a most intense, old-fashioned Jackson Democrat. Without much education, he, nevertheless, having a good presence and fair assurance, impressed himself well. He was chairman of committee on corporations, and had all the old-time distrust and hostility to everything like exclusive rights and special legislation on the subject of corporations, whether successful or otherwise. He had prior legislative experience and stood well with his party in his county. This is evidenced in the act that he was a member of the First and Second Legislative Council, Fourth and Fifth Territorial House, Third and Fourth General Assemblies in the Senate, and a delegate to the 1844 Iowa Constitutional Convention. He died April 5, 1857 in Mills County, Iowa.