Convention Member Stephen Bovell Shelledy

Convention Member
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Born May 7, 1801, in Fleming County, Kentucky. He came to Iowa in 1842 and took up his residence at “Tool’s Point” (now Monroe), then in Mahaska County. He was elected by the Whigs to the First Constitutional Convention which assembled in 1844. In 1845, he was chosen to represent Mahaska, Washington and Keokuk counties in the House of the Territorial Legislature and was reelected, serving until Iowa became a State. He was a member of the Second Constitutional Convention which framed the organic law under which the Territory became a State. In 1854, he was a member of the Whig State Committee which managed the campaign that resulted in the election of James W. Grimes, Governor. This was the first defeat of the Democratic Party since Iowa had an existence. In 1858, Colonel Shelledy was again elected to the General Assembly and was chosen Speaker of the House. He married Elizabeth Vance in 1824. He was promoted to the role of Colonel during the Black Hawk War. He also served as Colonel during the Civil War and retired due to failing health. He eventually passed away on December 17, 1870.