Convention Member Sanford S. Harned

Convention Member
Born June 4, 1814, in Hardin County, Kentucky, and was raised there in various occupations until twenty one years of age. In 1835, he removed to Warren county, Illinois (now Henderson), and in October 1839 changed his residence to Iowa, where he entered the office of A. Calkins as a student of law. He was admitted to the bar in Sigourney in July 1844, and the same year he settled in Richland, Keokuk County, and engaged in the proactive of his profession. Mr. Harned married Miss Evaline Galbreath May 25, 1837, in Hardin, Kentucky. In 1846, he was a delegate to the constitutional convention and in 1852 he was elected to the senate, but not admitted owing to a legal technicality. In 1855, he was elected county judge, re-elected in 1857, and during his term of office the present courthouse was built. In 1864, he was appointed quartermaster of the Forty-seventh Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and in July the same year, he was appointed A. Q. M. with rank of captain, and ordered to Virginia, and was present at the surrender of Lee. He was afterward on duty in Texas, and was mustered out in March, 1866. In 1875, he was elected to the lower house of the Iowa Legislature, and in 1877 was elected to the Senate. Mr. Harned died May 15, 1889, in Keokuk, Iowa.