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Born on January 24, 1816, Pawlet Township, Vermont, to Laura Hotchkiss and Jesse Tryon. He was educated at Castleton Medical College in Rutland County, graduating in the spring of 1836. Mr. Tryon later moved to the Iowa Territory where he lived in Linn County and served as the clerk for the United States District Court in 1840. The territorial governor had appointed him as sheriff of the county in January 1839, but he declined the position. Mr. Tyron represented Linn and Benton counties at Iowa’s Second Constitutional Convention held in May 1846, which led to the admission of Iowa into the Union in December of that year. He then moved to California with his wife, Frances Safley, and son, Socrates Hotchkiss Tryon, Jr., before moving north to the Oregon Territory. There he was one of the first physicians in Oregon, settling a donation land claim in 1850 near what later became the city of Lake Oswego. Mr. Tryon died May 15, 1855, in Oregon. Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia