Convention Member Robert Lucas

Convention Member
Born April 1, 1781, in Mecklenburg, now Shepherdstown, a small community along the Potomac River in Virginia located in far eastern West Virginia. Mr. Lucas moved to Ohio as a young man, and became involved in local politics. During the war of 1812, he distinguished himself for his bravery and skill as a general. After the war he rose through the political establishment to become governor or Ohio 1832-1838. He was appointed territorial governor of Iowa in 1838, a position he held until 1841. Mr. Lucas was well known for his temper, as a governor of the state of Ohio he once came close to bringing Ohio to war with Michigan over boundaries, and as territorial governor of Iowa he almost brought Iowa to war with Missouri during the "Honey War", again over boundaries. Mr. Lucas was a delegate to the 1844 Iowa Constitutional Convention in Iowa City representing Johnson County. He built Plum Grove in the country south of Iowa City in 1844, and lived there with his wife, Friendly, and several children and grandchildren. While Mr. Lucas aspired to return to the political arena, he had largely fallen out of favor with the political powers in Washington. Mr. Lucas died at Plum Grove on February 7, 1853, and was buried in Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City, Iowa. His retirement house in Iowa City, Plum Grove, is maintained by the state as a monument to Lucas.