Convention Member David Galland

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Born May 10, 1795, in Zanesville, Washington County, Ohio. Mr. Galland farmed to some extent, but devoted part of his time to public affairs. He served as Judge of Union County, Ohio for two or three terms. Mr. Galland enlisted in the Army during the Mexican War and served four years. He was paid in land warrants. When mustered out of service, he went to Ohio, and applied the land warrants. He married Miss Phoebe Gandy on January 4, 1797, in Cumberland, New Jersey. Mr. Galland lived in Ohio until 1835 when he sold out and came to Iowa and settled along the Des Moines River. He was in the State Legislature twelve years and helped to frame the Constitution of Iowa at Iowa City in 1844 and 1846. Mr. Galland died December 6, 1872, in Lee County, Iowa.