Convention Member David Palmer

Convention Member
Born November 29, 1812 in the Empire State where he was reared and educated. He moved to Brown County, Ohio in 1836, and completed studying law in the office of Andrew Elison. He was admitted to the bar in 1843, and practiced in Georgetown, Ohio. Then he came to the Iowa Territory locating in Linn County, and in 1847 came to Davis County locating in Bloomfield. He was once a candidate for State Senator against S. G. McAchran and was defeated by twenty-eight votes. Afterwards he ran against the same man for member of the constitutional convention, which formed the present constitution, and was elected by 280 votes. He has also been persecuting attorney both in Davis and Linn counties. He was married January 3, 1858, to Miss Allie L. Lakin, a native of Ohio. Mr. Palmer was a war democrat during the war.