Convention Member Paul Brattain

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Born December 30, 1801, in North Carolina, and at an early age went to Tennessee. When Mr. Brattain reached the age of sixteen he made his way overland and by river to Hancock and Morgan counties, Illinois. Taking up a large tract of land, he entered the arena of politics, and in time was elected to the constitutional convention of Illinois, where his opinions were valued and noted. Mr. Brattain married Miss Elizabeth Carter, who encouraged and applauded his success, and who lived to share and sympathize with the joys as well as the shadows of his life. He left his home to participate in the Black Hawk War, and about 1838 moved to Van Buren County, Iowa. Taking up government land near Birmingham, he continued his political career as a member of the 1844 Constitutional Convention of Iowa, and at a later period became treasurer of the board of public improvements at Des Moines. In the spring of 1852, Mr. Brattain along with his wife and eight children travelled west spending the first winter near Peoria. From there they settled in Oregon and aside from various political offices of note he served as county clerk from 1854 to 1859, and was finally a member of the constitutional convention of Oregon, making the third state in which he had helped to frame the laws. This was a record of which he was justly proud, for it is given to few men to be thus honored in three distinct parts of the country. His death occurred August 29, 1882, at the age of four score and one year. With his wife he was a member of the Baptist Church, towards the support of which he generously contributed.