Bills in Governor's Office

All bills in Governor's Office per General Assembly.

9 Bills in Governor's Office
Bill Bill Title
SF 342 A bill for an act relating to public records and communications in professional confidence; uniform commercial code filings; qualified immunity; peace officer health plans and workers’ compensation; certain law enforcement matters; criminal laws involving public disorder, assaults, and harassment; civil liability for certain vehicle operators; window tinting; acts on certain highways; and civil service commission examinations; providing penalties, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. (Formerly SF 6.) Effective date: 07/01/2021 Applicability date: 01/01/2021
SF 567 A bill for an act relating to loans originated by mortgage bankers. (Formerly SSB 1235.) Effective date: 07/01/2021
SF 619 A bill for an act relating to state and local revenue and finance by modifying future tax contingencies, the state inheritance tax, the sales and use tax relating to food banks, the tax on promotional play receipts, mental health and disability services funding, school district funding, commercial and industrial property tax replacement payments, providing for housing incentives, providing for other properly related matters, making appropriations, and including effective date, applicability, and retroactive applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 1276.) Effective date: 07/01/2022, 07/01/2029, 01/01/2022, 07/01/2021. Applicability date: 01/01/2022, 03/17/2020, 01/01/2021.
HF 302 A bill for an act establishing a graduated eligibility phase-out program for state child care assistance. (Formerly HSB 3.) Effective date: 07/01/2021
HF 313 A bill for an act prohibiting counties or cities from imposing restrictions on certain businesses operated by persons under the age of eighteen, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly HSB 129.)
HF 524 A bill for an act relating to motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death, providing penalties, and making penalties applicable. (Formerly HSB 118.) Effective date: 07/01/2021
HF 708 A bill for an act creating a public safety equipment fund. (Formerly HF 300, HSB 72.) Effective date: 07/01/2021
HF 838 A bill for an act relating to various matters under the purview of the insurance division of the department of commerce, providing fees, making an appropriation, and resolving inconsistencies. (Formerly HF 502, HSB 119.) Effective date: 07/01/2021
HF 891 A bill for an act relating to appropriations for health and human services and veterans and including other related provisions and appropriations, providing penalties, and including effective date and retroactive and other applicability date provisions. Effective date: Enactment, 07/01/2021. Applicability date: 07/01/2020.