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February 24, 2024GA 90

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 311 A bill for an act providing for programs and regulations administered and enforced by the department of agriculture and land stewardship, providing fees, providing for the allocation of moneys, and making penalties applicable.(Formerly SSB 1115.)
SF 566 A bill for an act relating to money transmission services.(Formerly SF 421, SSB 1102.)
SF 2181 A bill for an act relating to the acquisition of water, sanitary sewer, and storm water utilities by rate-regulated public utilities.(Formerly SSB 1097.)
SF 2207 A bill for an act relating to meat and poultry inspection, by providing an exception for certain establishments engaged in the slaughter of poultry and the preparation of poultry products on a custom basis.(Formerly SSB 3031.)
SF 2260 A bill for an act relating to work-based learning, including by repealing provisions related to regional industry sector partnerships and the statewide work-based learning intermediary network, establishing the workforce opportunity fund within the department of workforce development, modifying provisions related to career and technical education, student teacher requirements for students with substitute teaching or para-educator experience, and the future ready Iowa skilled workforce last-dollar scholarship program, and making appropriations.(Formerly SSB 3143.)
SF 2291 A bill for an act relating to real estate brokers and brokerage agreements.(Formerly SSB 3132.)
SF 2294 A bill for an act relating to money transmission services, providing penalties, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.(Formerly SSB 3110.)
SF 2299 A bill for an act relating to prohibited conduct of a brewer with regard to wholesaler agreements.(Formerly SSB 3076.)
SF 2368 A bill for an act relating to education by establishing a right of first refusal for charter schools to purchase or lease school district property and modifying charter school and open enrollment funding, charter school board member requirements, and the school start date.(Formerly SSB 3157.)
SF 2378 A bill for an act relating to the board of educational examiners, including by modifying provisions related to the time in which complaints concerning licensed school employees having romantic or otherwise inappropriate relationships with students can be investigated, the mandatory reporting of licensed school employees who engage in grooming behavior toward students or the abuse of students, and reporting requirements related to the investigation of complaints against licensees and unlicensed school employees.(Formerly SSB 3050.)
SF 2393 A bill for an act regulating the marketing of grain, by providing for fees paid by grain dealers and warehouse operators into the grain depositors and sellers indemnity fund, and the payment of claims to reimburse sellers and depositors for losses covered by the fund, and including effective date provisions.(Formerly SSB 3174.)