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June 09, 2023GA 89

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 284 A bill for an act relating to financial and regulatory matters by making appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2020, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly SSB 1162.) Effective date: 02/23/2021.

Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR)

Bill Bill Title
SCR 6 A concurrent resolution relating to the compensation of chaplains, officers, and employees of the eighty-ninth general assembly.(Formerly SSB 1251.)

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 895 A bill for an act appropriating federal moneys made available from federal block grants and other nonstate sources, allocating portions of federal block grants, and providing procedures if federal moneys or federal block grants are more or less than anticipated, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. (Formerly HSB 276.) Effective date: Enactment, 07/01/2021. Applicability date: 10/01/2018, 10/01/2019.
HF 2418 A bill for an act relating to social studies instruction in public schools and including applicability provisions.(Formerly HF 2099.)
HF 2500 A bill for an act establishing a new license to be issued by the board of educational examiners.(Formerly HF 2085.)
HF 2580 A bill for an act relating to education, including modifying provisions related to the payment of state aid amounts, calculations of certain area education agency supplements, the reporting requirements of area education agencies and school districts, establishing an interim study committee to assess practitioner preparation programs, and including applicability provisions.(Formerly HSB 727, HF 2182.)