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June 05, 2023GA 87

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 51 A bill for an act relating to the income eligibility requirements for state child care assistance.
HF 201 A bill for an act relating to voter registration and voting by lowering the age at which a person may register to vote and the age at which a registered voter is eligible to vote in a primary election and including effective date provisions.
HF 219 A bill for an act providing for an annual appropriation to the renewable fuels infrastructure fund.
HF 338 A bill for an act establishing a drug court in each judicial district and making appropriations.
HF 490 A bill for an act prohibiting the use of gender in determining premium rates or assessments for certain insurance policies, and including penalties and applicability dates.
HF 491 A bill for an act relating to preexisting condition exclusions in certain coverage for health care services, and including effective and applicability date provisions.
HF 492 A bill for an act requiring health care benefit coverage for certain preventive services, and including effective date and applicability provisions.
HF 504 A bill for an act concerning absences from work by members of the military.
HF 2362 A bill for an act providing for the inclusion of the state as a member of the United States climate alliance.

House Joint Resolution (HJR)

Bill Bill Title
HJR 8 A joint resolution requesting the call of a constitutional convention in order to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to allow Congress and the states to prohibit or otherwise regulate the expenditure of funds for political speech by any corporation, limited liability company, or other corporate entity.

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 16 A resolution recognizing the month of April 2017 as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month.
HR 104 A resolution honoring and commemorating the city of Buxton.