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August 09, 2020GA 83

Senate Study Bill (SSB)

Bill Bill Title
SSB 1017 A resolution relating to the Senate Rules Governing Lobbyists and their interactions with the Senate and members of the Senate during the Eighty-third General Assembly. 01/13/09 Subcommittee:Fraise,Dearden, Kettering
SSB 1062 A study bill for an act relating to required testing for infectious diseases of persons under supervision of judicial district departments of correctional services.01/16/09 Subcommittee:Fraise,Hancock,Boettger. SF 205.
SSB 1113 A study bill for an act relating to the grain depositors and sellers indemnity fund.01/27/09 Subcommittee:Fraise,Olive,Boettger. SF 195.
SSB 1253 A study bill for an act relating to the practices and procedures of the department of public safety including school inspections, gaming floor or wagering area restrictions, public intoxication testing, operating a vehicle, motorboat, or sailboat while intoxicated testing, interception of communications, and peace officers acting with federal agents, and providing penalties. 02/24/09 Subcommittee:Fraise,Kreiman,Noble. SF 380.
SSB 3193 A study bill for an act relating to grain transactions by regulating grain dealers and warehouse operators, providing for fees, and making penalties applicable. 02/02/10 Subcommittee: Fraise, Courtney, Kapucian

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 2273 A bill for an act relating to drainage districts, by modifying the amount of a bid security required to be submitted by bidders proposing to make improvements and modifying the threshold amount requiring the letting of bids to construct an improvement, and including effective date provisions. Effective 3-22-10.
HF 2310 A bill for an act relating to raising or releasing pen-reared pheasants originating from a hatchery approved by the department of natural resources. Effective 7-01-10.