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November 29, 2023GA 81

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SR 42 A resolution honoring America's Vietnam veterans.
SF 103 A bill for an act relating to driver education by a teaching parent. (See SF 195.)
SF 301 A bill for an act relating to the required fuel efficiency of newly purchased state vehicles. See SF 344.
SF 2243 A bill for an act relating to swine, by regulating feral swine, and providing penalties. (See SF 2350.)

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 313 A bill for an act relating to the establishment of an industrial processing exemption study committee and including an effective date. Effective 04-29-05.
HF 607 A bill for an act relating to emergency services provided to residents of certain townships and including effective date and retroactive applicability date provisions. Effective 04-28-05.
HF 757 A bill for an act relating to the disposition of abandoned vehicles. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 869 A bill for an act relating to financial transactions associated with agricultural production, by providing for taxes, including tax credits and tax exemptions, and including effective and retroactive and other applicability dates.
HF 879 A bill for an act relating to the regulation of snowmobiles and establishing fees. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 2748 A bill for an act providing for the retention of fees by licensing boards, and the bureau of radiological health, under the purview of the Iowa department of public health, providing for the nontransferability of specified fees, and providing effective dates. Effective 7-01-07, with exception of Section 2 s.s. a effective 6-01-06 and Sections 3 and 5 effective 7-01-06.
HF 2768 A bill for an act authorizing the state medical examiner to collect and retain fees for medical examiner facility expenses and services related to tissue recovery and making an appropriation. Effective 7-01-06.