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February 25, 2024GA 81

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SR 45 A resolution honoring actress Annette Bening and her Iowa roots.
SR 145 A resolution honoring the Valley High School mock trial program and congratulating its mock trial team on winning the Iowa High School Mock Trial State Tournament.
SF 292 A bill for an act extending veterans' benefits, preferences, eligibility for appointments, and the military service tax credit and exemption to certain members of the reserve forces of the United States and the Iowa national guard and providing an effective date. See SF 333 and SF 394.
SF 2159 A bill for an act relating to identification of publicly owned motor vehicles used by persons who provide off-site or in-home medical or mental health services. (See SF 2289.)

Senate Study Bill (SSB)

Bill Bill Title
SSB 1028 A study bill for an act allowing certain abstractors to request a mortgage release. 1-19-05 Subcommittee: Ward, Hancock, Lamberti, and Horn. sf 322.
SSB 1154 A study bill for an act relating to the appointment of a judicial officer, a clerk of the district court, or a chief juvenile court officer. 2-16-05 Subcommittee: Fraise, Ward, Kreiman, and McKibben. SF 380.
SSB 1228 A study bill for an act relating to the use of moneys deposited into the inmate labor fund. 2-28-05 Subcommittee: Ward, Hancock, Miller,and Horn. SF 321.
SSB 1247 A study bill for an act establishing an interior design examining board, providing for the registration of interior designers, and providing fees and penalties. 3-2-05 Subcommittee: Ward, Black, Tinsman, and Kibbie. SF 334 and SF 405.
SSB 1251 A study bill for an act relating to the Iowa probate code, the Iowa trust code, and certain other trusts. 3-2-05 Subcommittee: Warnstadt, Ward, Hancock, and Miller. SF 379.
SSB 3140 A study bill for an act concerning alcoholic beverage control relating to manufacturers providing free cleaning services to retailers and prohibiting wholesalers from providing certain coupons to retailers and making penalties applicable. 2-9-06 Subcommittee: Danielson, Ward, Hancock, and Kettering. SF 2368.
SSB 3202 A study bill for an act relating to the judicial branch and court administration and procedure and providing a penalty. 2-21-06 Subcommittee: Ward, Warnstadt, Zaun, and Kreiman. SF 2286.

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 131 A bill for an act relating to the required education and training for dental assistants. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 339 A bill for an act relating to the regulation of tobacco product retailers, and making penalties applicable. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 532 A bill for an act relating to the administrative functions of the department of cultural affairs, including the board of trustees of the state historical society of Iowa and the state records commission. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 711 A bill for an act relating to judicial branch procedures involving the appointment process of certain officers and judges and applications for further review at the appellate level, and providing for temporary delays in filling judgeships. Effective 7-01-06.
HF 772 A bill for an act relating to violations of the open meetings and open records law by a member of a governmental body, the lawful custodian of a public record, or any other appropriate person. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 2459 A bill for an act relating to and making appropriations to the department of economic development, certain board of regents institutions, the department of workforce development, the Iowa finance authority, and the public employment relations board, and related matters, and providing effective and retroactive applicability dates. Effective 7-01-06, with exception of Section 20 effective 5-31-06.
HF 2593 A bill for an act relating to activities of lobbyists and the ethical conduct of state officials and employees. Effective 7-01-06.