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February 21, 2024GA 81

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 77 A bill for an act allowing cities and counties to create enterprise zones near modes of transportation. (See SF 2183.)
SF 316 A bill for an act relating to employment, by regulating the display of social security numbers on employee paychecks. See SF 349.
SF 2112 A bill for an act relating to an exception from emergency medical care requirements for persons providing care within the scope of their certification. (See SF 2318.)

Senate Study Bill (SSB)

Bill Bill Title
SSB 1148 A study bill for an act to eliminate certain restrictions on the authority of a physician assistant to prescribe certain schedule II controlled substances. 2-14-05 Subcommittee: Ragan, Tinsman, Dotzler, and Boettger. SF 2386.
SSB 1272 A study bill for an act relating to the long=term living system in Iowa including establishment of the intent for Iowa's long=term living system. 3-8-05 Subcommittee: Seymour, Ragan, Tinsman, and Bolkcom. SF 341.
SSB 3016 A study bill for an act relating to the medical assistance provider payment adjustments, providing for transfer, appropriation, and deposit of funds, providing an effective date, and providing for retroactive applicability. 1-18-06 Subcommittee: Ragan, Seymour, Angelo, and Dvorsky. SF 2051.
SSB 3220 A study bill for an act relating to the investigation and control of communicable and infectious diseases. 2-23-06 Subcommittee: Seymour, Ragan, Johnson, and Bolkcom. SF 2322.

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 784 A bill for an act to establish an advanced practice registered nurse compact and including a future repeal. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 821 A bill for an act relating to the establishment of a prescription drug assistance clearinghouse program by the commissioner of insurance, and providing for a contingent appropriation. Effective 07-01-05.
HF 2588 A bill for an act relating to the criminal and abuse registry checks required of a person employed by a licensed health care facility. Effective 7-01-06.
HF 2743 A bill for an act relating to and making appropriations from the healthy Iowans tobacco trust and the tobacco settlement trust fund. Effective 7-01-06, with exception of Section 8 effective 6-01-06.